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Are you making a call to the Dodgers about Yasiel Puig?


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Just a hypothetical question for you baseball minds, and I'm intrigued to hear your responses. Obviously, we all know about the Yasiel Puig debacle, and how the Dodgers are literally doing everything in their part to get rid of him. So the question beholds, if your a GM of a baseball team, are you willing to sacrifice meaningful pieces to acquire a player of Puig's calibre? Let's face it, the amount of talent this kid has in impeccable. He's a proto-typical 5 tool outfielder with a huge amount of potential. But, he's also a idiot, which results in bone-head plays on the field and inappropriate matter off the field. I could further expand, but most of you guys are aware to the Puig stories. So, would you make a trade for him?


Living in Ikoria
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I never really liked Puig much but I think that an organization that has a history of well-behaved players could certainly take a risk on him. I mean if the Cards could somehow get him cheap, love him or hate him, I think it would be worth the risk. But therein lies the problem - the asking price may be too high and he hasn't been performing at the same level he did previously. I wouldn't be willing to risk young talent on Puig unless I'm a team like the Padres or whoever you may think of that flat out stinks and needs help. Puig is still relatively young so he could pay off, it's just riskier than some signings.


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As much of a Dodgers fan as I am and I really want them to make something work with him as he is really good, I just can't see why they wouldn't trade him if they can get something good for him. He's shown that he just isn't mature enough and worth the trouble at least in L.A.


Sultan of Swat
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if I'm Atkins, I make the call just to see where the Dodgers stand in regards of the type of return they want.

Jays have a great clubhouse with a lot of leaders. I think he could work in Toronto.