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Are You Hungry??


Registered Member
When you wake up on a Sunday morning, or any morning for that matter..are you hungry first thing??
Or do you have to wait a bit, wake up, before you eat??
I know some people rise and shine to eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, the whole nine yards....others, sit back and relax with cereal.
Me....I can't do breakfast.
For some reason I just can't eat after first waking up....I don't even think about food until lunch ~LoL~


I eat because I have to eat for health reasons. I never skip breakfast.
Also, I love eating so I could eat anything, anytime of the day.


Boom Boom Pow!
It varies for me to be honest.

Sometimes I wake up and I'm starving and the first thing I need to do is have something to eat. Other time it takes me maybe half an hour before I get hungry.


yellow 4!
I can eat any time, but some days I wake up and just don't think to eat anything until around lunch time. Usually I just get an apple or something in the morning. I know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal but it's my least favourite sooo meh.


still nobody's bitch
I'm always hungry when I wake up, sometimes that's what gets me out of bed. I always eat breakfast, usually cereal.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If I'm hungover I'll usually just skip breakfast since I can't eat anything(just happens on the weekends.) If I'm not hungover then the first thing I usually do is eat a bowl of cereal. I'm not a big fan of eggs, bacon and that whole set-up. I'm pretty satisfied with my bowl of cereal or peanut butter toast.


Sally Twit
I never wake up hungry. On weekends I don't eat until the afternoon. When I have work I'll have a cereal bar or a slice of toast around 10am.


Registered Member
Generally, if you eat late, you get very hungry early in the morning. Skipping breakfast is unhealthy.


Babeasaurus Sex
I like to eat as soon as I wake up - hungry or not - it sets off my metabolism and brain :)
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