Are you gullible?


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This is similar to the "Are you paranoid"

Are you guilable? You believe everything you hear?

I am not really guilable, it takes effort to make me believe something that I haven't seen with my eyes, like mate meeting some girl and getting a root just 5 minutes after. I am not easy to lie to because I can read body language really well.


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No, I'm not gullible.

But I like pretending to be one from time to time. It's interesting how other people behave when they think you're naive and trusting.


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Depends. If I haven't had enough sleep then i'm very gullible and fall for everything, but if i'm not tired then it's pretty hard to catch me out.


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I'd like to think not.

Being in the insurance business has made me far more harder when it comes to facts and information.

I'm far more prudent now than five years ago.


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Sometimes I will be, depends on what it is that has been said and how good a liar the person is that said it!

But generally no, I tend to question alot of the things I don't believe.
Unlike my friend, when I told her that guilable wasn't in the dictionary, and she believed me :stare:


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Do you mean "gullible?"

Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. It depends on the situation. I'm almost always willing to believe that there's free candy at the end of the road. But when it comes to money, I'll hardly believe anyone.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I will never fall for money scam ads or those stoopid 'if you don't forward this to 10 people you will die tonight' emails etc, things that actually require me to think before I do something.

But other times I surprise myself at how easily I will just accept information without questioning it, and then I look back and realise how if I'd just thought about it for a second I'd have noticed it didn't seem legit. I can't think of a good example, but it's usually nothing to do with other people.