Are you good with people?


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I thought about this today, because my grandma commented that whenever someone comes around (as in, a house guest) I always retreat to my bedroom. I realized that it's true, I very rarely stick around with them. I never really feel comfortable in that setting, and I found myself wondering why.

I realized that I'm somewhat awkward around certain people. I don't like feeling like a fifth wheel because I'm usually fairly quiet and reserved, I can appreciate silence. So depending on who I'm with, if I'm comfortable I can quite happily go from either extreme - loud, quite comfortably partaking in conversation and activities, to quietly onlooking, not really taking part in the scenario but content to watch. Yet when I'm not as comfortable with certain people, I feel awkward as if I shouldn't be there, and so I make my escape to my room where I can be alone.

Are you like this? Or do you enjoy the company of others?


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When my mom has guests, I tend to retreat to my room. I have my own stuff to do.

In a large group of people though, I'm fairly outgoing.

I get along with most people very well. I guess you could say that I have charisma


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When I use to live with my parents and guest came over, I stayed a bit and chatted if I knew the person. If I have no clue who this person is then there's no point of staying unless my parents wanted me to meet them.

I'm usually a people person though.
I mostly just find it difficult to make conversation out of nowhere. I guess it's because, like you, I appreciate silence. The only reason it gets awkward for me is because I know it's likely to feel that way for them. What makes me personally feel awkward is false conversation, talking for the sake of talking. I can't do that at all.

If someone comes to the house whilst I'm there then yeah, I'll normally go to my room and stay there. There's a few people I won't do that for, but the majority I will.


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The only reason it gets awkward for me is because I know it's likely to feel that way for them.
I am EXACTLY the same. It's not so much the silence that makes me uncomfortable as knowing that the other person would take it that way. :-/

What makes me personally feel awkward is false conversation, talking for the sake of talking. I can't do that at all.
Also, I can't do this either.
My job requires that I be good with people, and I do put on a good show. Most of my clients walk out thinking they just made a new best friend.
But the truth is, I really don't enjoy the constant need to be outgoing and friendly.
I adore solitude and will almost always choose it over going out with friends. Those who are closest to me, do get genuine feelings from me when I'm talking to them or if we're out together. After all, there's a reason I've allowed them into my life in the first place.
If someone just happens to show up, I'm usually annoyed by the intrusion and the person will catch on pretty quick.


no. i don't go to my room whenever we have guests - (people i know or i don't know).
to me it doesn't matter. i like being around people, get to know them, i always stay there and chat with them[for most of the time].
so yes, i'm good with people. just because i don't know them doesn't mean i can't/shouldn't know them.
i stay at my room everyday, so i don't need to go back there even when we have guests.
it's not difficult for me to get into conversation, it doesn't feel awkward at all .. i just like it.
if don't have anything to say, i don't say it but i won't go and fade away. lol.
if there's anything i wanna say, i don't hesitate even if i don't know who the guests are[which rarely happens].

plus, it's a lack of respect if they come for you and you fade away to retreat to your room!

also, to me is a pleasure having guests...whoever they are!!!!


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It's safe to say I'm not that great with people. I always try to be polite and say hi if my parents have company over, but I never stay to talk unless it's someone I know pretty well. Same thing outside the house too. I'm not the kind of person who will start up a conversation with a stranger, and when a stranger starts one with me I will not know what to say. I am just not good at small talk.

Even around friends I can get pretty quiet if it's a larger group. I am in my comfort zone with one or two other people.


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When the parentals have people over, I usually stick around for a few moments and make the pointless small talk which I am pretty crap at, until it seems a polite time to slip away. I just can't make conversation with strangers. When i'm meeting new people i'll have to sit quietly for a while before I feel 'safe' to say something, unless there are a couple drinks involved, which makes it easier for me to relax. What is worse is when I see someone who has been round to my place that I don't really know out in public, do I say hello to them, wave, or even worse, do I have to stop and talk to them for a while.


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No I am not good with people, when I lived at my parents and they guests come round I would leave after saying hello as I never feel comfortable around them.
I still do the same thing, when ever one of the exs friends pop round I will make a bee line for a room where I am alone.

Its not that I dont like people because I do, even though it may come across as I dont, it is more due to the fact that it takes me a long time to become at ease around new people or people I have not seen for a long time, and it takes even longer if they are firing questions at me.