Are you good with directions?


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I know a lot of people have GPS these days so we don't really need to be good with directions anymore. But lets pretend you don't have one, are you usually good with directions?

Personally I'm terrible with directions, even if I've been to place where going five times already. I don't know why but sometimes I just have no sense for directions.
I have no sense of direction either. I can walk out of a shop and have no idea which way I'm going because I can't remember the direction I came in from. That isn't a one-off either, it happens just about every single time lol. I can also go to places many times with people, and then be completely stuck when I have to travel there on my own. It's really awful.


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I go by landmarks so if I've been there once, I'm usually just fine.

However I do not have a very good sense of direction. It's why a GPS is a deep, deep need for me.


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I'm good around areas I frequent, but if I'm going somewhere further away I will use a map. I have never used a GPS but I hear they are pretty convenient.

If I don't have a map and I'm just winging it then it could be bad for me. :lol:


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I'm very good at directions. Never have had a GPS system. I pretty much always know what direction I'm facing, and can read a map really well.


i'm not a mess in directions. if i go once, i'll always remember that place and the direction i should follow to go there.
i don't have a GPS...but i can handle the situation with any direction paper i have in my hands [if i don't know the way to follow].


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I have no sense of direction what so ever, which means i'm always getting lost if it's not an area I know. I dropped one of my friends off along a straight road from where I was staying and managed to get lost on the way back that is how bad I am.
I'm comfortable finding my way around town. For new towns I can get lost unprepared so I get my hands on a road map, even something from Google Earth.


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I am normally good with directions.

when I try to give directions I normally here "nevermind you give directions like a bostonian"...what ever that means
I have a gps. That's mainly because I do a lot of cross country travel and it's kinda hard to read a map and drive at the same time. However, I am really good with directions. After being there just once, I remember exactly how to get there and back, or I know most of it.