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"Are you getting another one?"


Sally Twit
As some of you know my hamster died recently. It was really sad and the first thing we did was throw out his cage, food, bedding etc because it was too hard to look at. A lot of people said to me on the day he died 'Are you getting a new one?' or 'You should get a new one!' I found it quite insensitive to be honest. I will never get another hamster.

I know some people do replace their pets after a certain amount of time but to ask me that question on the day he died.. :-/

Do you find it easy to go out and buy a new pet after your current one has died? Have you ever lost a pet and never replaced it? Are you the kind of person that always wants to be around animals?

We have said we will get a dog someday. Then I imagine if I lost that dog I would never want a new one. I'd just feel like they'd never compare to my old one.. Just like I feel no hamster would compare to Hamlet.


Living on the 0th floor
If I have a dog die, I do always find another companion.. But I think the word "replace" is not the proper term there. I don't run out and buy the first dog I see, but I wait around and look for a dog that needs to be rescued, who needs to be loved and have a forever home. I have loved all of my past dogs very much, but I couldn't keep myself from ever having another dog just because I loved those dogs. Part of it is because I really, really love the companionship a dog provides, but I also truly believe in adopting rescue dogs. I am confident that I provide them a good home, and I feel like it is almost a duty of mine.

I didn't get a new guinea pig after my last one passed. I had him for 8 years, and he was just my buddy, so I never really felt like I wanted another one, but lately I have been thinking of wanting another. I don't know if I will get another of now.

I also never got new Hermit Crabs after my last one died >.> I know a lot of people hate Hermit Crabs, but I like them LOL.


Son of Liberty
I think with a hamster or other Rodents of the sort... people dont tend to think of them as compassionate as other animals such as a Dog or Cat.

Kim and I had a Guinea pig for about 6 years (we got her the first year we were together). She just recently died earlier this year (around April) from what appeared to be just natural causes / old age I guess. But the day she died and we went out to bury her... one of my Dads friends was at the house and saw we were all depressed.

When he asked what about and we told him that the Guinea Pig died, he promptly responded with "Why did you put it to far up your ass".... :disbelief:

I was for lack of better words fucking furious.

I dunno what goes through peoples minds, or what doesnt go through their minds when they are thinking its ok to say things like this. Whether its a disgusting comment like what I weathered, or like asking you on the poor critters death bed "so when you gonna replace it?"

I find it amazing how insensitive people can be.


Problematic Shitlord
I don't get how it's insensitive, most people probably just ask as a reflex or because that's what most people do. Not to mention and there really is no offense meant here, but most people who own smaller pets like hamsters are not as attached to them as they are other more common animals like cats and dogs. Either way, it does take time most definitely and I hope you find another pet to help ease that pain.

Saying you'll never get another one is probably just a result of fresh emotions. I'm sure you may find yourself looking for another one. I mean, you're not being insensitive yourself, you're not disgracing Hamlet's memory or calling him second best just by getting another one somewhere down the line. It's like saying if you lost a best friend that you'd never try to have another one, it's just silly.


It's not me, it's you.
Yeah, a lot of people don't understand that you can have an attached relationship with rodents and reptiles and seem to be more insensitive.

I don't think there is anything wrong with getting another animal, though. I have been around dogs since as long as I can remember, and I doubt that I could live without one for very long. Each dog I have had, has had it's own individual personality...so it's not like you're replacing the one that passed away, because they are their own animal, so to speak.

I would probably already have a second dog if Max wasn't so territorial over me. I'm sure he would get used to it in time, but I haven't really been able to afford any vet bills for a second one yet, which is why I haven't gone ahead and done it.


Registered Member
I do not have any pets....but I think if I had a pet & this pet died.....I will get another one & I will like it.....
Maybe I will not love this pet as much as I did with the previous one.....but I think I will see my new pet as a new companion & I will enjoy the time I spend with it...


still nobody's bitch
With the exception of a three month stretch between the death of one dog and the adoption of the next, I haven't been without a dog in the last 14 years. When that first one died, I thought I wouldn't get another one for a long time, but just three months later I was more than ready.

I would never ask someone that so quickly, though. And I certainly wouldn't phrase it that way. It's the same thing as saying "you can always have another one" to someone who has had a miscarriage, as far as the level of insensitivity.


I ♥ Haters
I'm so sorry for your loss, Bliss.

I don't get it either. Some People are so insensitive towards animal. How is losing a pet any different from losing a family member? Afterall, its also a loved one, isn't it? I guess everyone reacts to it differently. I mean whether or not you wanna replace your pet (poor choice of words on my part) is upto you, but I think people need to be just a bit more sensitive about asking if you're gonna replace it or not.


Registered Member
I had to put my cat down a few months ago, and I've still been unable to get another pet. It's hard for me to replace a pet. I think of it as if I had a kid and it died, I wouldn't go out and adopt a kid just so something was there.

Once I can look at a picture of my cat and not cry, then I'll think I could possibly go get another one.. but until that day comes, which may be never, then I won't.


Registered Member
Sorry about your hamster Bliss, that sucks.

It's never nice when a pet dies, especially when you have had it years.
I had two cats die recently who have been in our family since I was born (21 years).
If it were any other kind of pet than a cat, I would not get a new one. But as I am a cat lover, there will always be a cat in my family. I don't see it as replacing one that has died, just as continuing to keep the animal you love in your life.