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Are you comfortable walking barefoot?


The only thing I hate about walking is being barefoot. I really need slippers/shoes or whatever. Being barefoot gives me stomach pain and rheumatism.


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I prefer being barefoot indoors, but I don't do it outdoors much because I hate getting my feet dirty. I do like the feeling of walking barefoot though. I've thought about getting a pair of these:

Walking barefoot is supposed to be better for your feet and alignment and everything, and those shoes are designed to be like walking barefoot, only with protection for the bottoms of your feet.


Creeping On You
My roommate has a pair of those Echoes, he says they're super comfortable.

Myself, I love being barefoot. My feet sweat something awful and so I love going outside and walking barefoot with dry feet. i don't mind getting them dirty, since dirt washes off. As a result, the bottoms of my feet are super tough.


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I love walking barefoot, especially out the front because I love the feeling of concrete on my feet.


Sally Twit
Not outside but I don't mind it inside. I like the feel of a wooden floor underneath my bare feet. Sadly I have carpets!


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I would be comfortable walking barefoot through the grass if I weren't so paranoid about stepping on syringes and junk! Still, gotta go with Aleks on this... I love the feeling of concrete under my feet. Especially if it's warmed by the sun. So nice...


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I walk barefoot outside on occasion. It feels good, and I don't want to bother with shoes when I can go barefoot.

Inb4 C-Mach goes outside sarcasm.


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I'm barefoot a lot. At home, in the yards, on decks, swimming... there's lots of times when barefoot's better. But I never do bare feet when I'm camping, hiking, or rock climbing. Too hazardous.


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I prefer just socks and barefoot to shoes. So yeah, I don't mind it at all. Inside or out. Though I have had a few foot injuries walking home at night with no shoes on. Probably not my best idea.

The only time I feel uncomfortable wearing nothing on my feet if when I go to friend's/relative's houses and I take my shoes off to be polite. But then I realize I forgot to wear socks (or I'm wearing shoes that don't suit socks). Do they prefer I wear shoes indoors, or go barefoot? Tough decision. dun dun duuunnnnnn