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Question Are you biased?

How biased are you?

  • I'm not biased at all (which probably means I should have voted for the third option)

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Problematic Shitlord
I definitely have my beliefs, but I try very hard to empathize and understand people. I try to keep my mind open to new things and ideas so I'd say I'm a little bias, but I'm sure I've got some areas where that could be elevated to "very bias".


not a plastic bag
Truth is often found in bias. Take religion for example. A guy is looking for salvation and he has no idea where to start. The best path is to study the sacred writings of the major religions and decide which one is truthful. But in reality very few people have time to read the Bible, the Quaran and the extra-Biblical Jewish text and then determine what is truth. You can study the facts of each but after reading the wikipedia pages you will be no closer to the answer of salvation. The best way to get what you seek is to hear a biased source explain each one. A Billy Graham for example. You've got to go to that biased source to find the answer.

The same is true in political matters. Maddow and Beck are great examples of people that are very biased but because they are both truthful you can get real truth from them. For example, the newswire will report that unemployment has fallen to 7%. Because Beck is biased, he will take about those numbers and show things like the labor participation rate, part time workers, and average pay of new jobs that tells a completely different story.
Maddow is another example were bias pays off. I listen to her podcast almost every day. Because she is so biased against Chris Christy she is one of the only people in the media that is on the bridgegate story. If not for hr bias, that story would be dead. Just today she made some great points about why the minimum wage should go up. Stuff I'd never considered. When a story is reported without a bias the story is President Obama is stumping for minimum wage but with bias you understand that point of view. I sill think its wrong, but great points.

I think as long as the person is honest, like Beck and Maddow are, and as long as you realize you are getting a biased perspective, bias is a great thing. But if the person is not honest and will lie to you and disguise that s truth, bias is a horrible thing.


Registered Member
To say one is only biased or one is unbiased only is to say one is only positive or negative only views. Another words more f us has pros and cons just as we are both biased or unbiased.

Once I used to be like major was. Religion once was not a part of my life. But God himself revealed that even as much logic as I thought I had God has shown me a way I did not know of before. So in this aspect I have become biased holding to a certain Christian view points on morals and ethics.

On the other hand if two cars were to crash I would not favor a Christian over an atheist if the Christian driver was at fault. I'd then have to be unbiased in the car accident to fairly make a good judgment call. I think the elderly should have the right to sit on the bus and the younger people to stand up for them. In that aspect I am biased.

If a teacher and a young student is debating on a a topic I won't favor one over the other. I will take the side who I think is more correct in their answer. In this way I am unbiased. But if a man be sentenced twenty five years for armed robbery and wants less time I will be ok with the judges ruling on that. .

I am usually ok with judges way of taking these cases except one with outrageous cases such as a teen who killed four people or so and is only getting probation. Just because he lives with a rich family. On the competition programs even such as the Apprentice I can be both biased and unbiased at the same time. In one sense I will try to be fair. In the other sense I still may like a certain person better. So that becomes tough who I would want to remain on the program. Yet I do respect Donald Trump's decision since he must be fair in his judgments. I think he has done pretty well over all.


New Member
I'm not ashamed to admit it. I am biased. I try to look at thing objectively but most of the time my mind is made up going in so it's more just to see what the other side thinks.