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Are you better off..


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than you were 2 1/2 years ago?

News Headlines

Pretty simple question for how you like Obama's America so far. It's not looking good by any reasonable measure.


still nobody's bitch
No I'm not, but it has nothing to do with "Obama's America". The reason I lost my job is because the housing market and construction industry started declining over 5 years ago.


Embrace the Suck
I remember when Reagan asked that question, but it was more pertinent following the 4 stooges of economics, Johnson, Ford, Nixon and Carter. I've never really liked that question because there many variables that affect that condition, irrespective of who is in office.

I will say I do not consider President Obama's administration a success by any stretch of the word.


not a plastic bag
A: Its hard for me to say. My life is completely different than 2-1/2 years ago. Different State. Different career. Overall I'm not better off although I feel much more secure than ever. There is one small encouragement in the article. 28 years takes us to 1983, which was the beginning of one of the most prosperous booms ever.

This reminds me of a song I have not heard in probably 10 years. In America by Charlie Daniels. It was written around the early 80's I think and was about our nation would rise again soon. Lets hope somehow we can let the fuse again.


Lion Rampant
Let's see, now you're echoing a rant by Jeff Cox, a guy who wrote a book on the collapse of the American economy (yawnies!) but who was "newsbusted" with claws out for agreeing with Obama on the $250,000 controversy a while back. Who are the trusted here? I can't keep track with who's discrediting who.

It's not looking good by any reasonable measure.
Doomsaying much? Experts don't agree with your opinion. In fact, in that same blog, which I presume you read, Cox writes that the level of misery is probably at a peak and should roll back over the next 18 months. "The upshot is that Americans might not be quite as miserable as the Okun misery index appears to suggest," he quotes a prominent economist as saying.

Others are equally adamant that things could, in fact, be much worse under different leadership:

Republican economist Mark Zandi, who advised John McCain on economic issues, when asked about the stimulus said, "I think we'd be in a measurably worse place if not for the stimulus. If we had not had the stimulus,.we'd have fewer jobs today than we actually have." Zandi was responding to when John Boehner contented that stimulus spending "has gotten us nowhere." Asked whether he agreed with Boehner, Zandi said "no." "Without the stimulus spending instead of a 9.5% unemployment rate, we'd have an 11.5 % unemployment rate" Zandi insisted. This is a Republican economic advisor, who, regardless of his politics, understands modern economics.
The GOP and the lay blame con job on stimulus, debt, and deficits - New York Political Buzz | Examiner.com
And yes, I am better off under Obama, in the ways that a president can most greatly affect. I will no longer feel embarrassed to mention my nationality while traveling abroad, for one example; and much more important, I'm just that much less worried about my son and others in the military under the pragmatic Obama than I was under Crusader Bush.
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Embrace the Suck
I will say I agree to some extent with Zandi in that the stimulus did provide some short term relief. I agree we would be in a worst place now if not for it. My concerns are more long term however and the debt that it has created.

I also agreed with TARP, without which millions of people such as teachers would have lost their retirements and we would be in a catastrophic condition right now.

I lay most of the blame on The Fed and the housing market and the mortgage backed securities and lax credit standards and of course the Comminity Reinvestment Act, but that is going a little off the topic.


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2 1/2 years ago I couldn't afford a car or my current cell phone bill. I definitely wouldn't have been able to pay for the insurance each month either ($163). I haven't had any struggles with money up until the last two months because of having to take off of work for almost a month without pay during some family issues.