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Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?


not a plastic bag
It's election year so its time to ask.
Personally I am. I hope everyone here can say the same.

How goes it? Better, worse, the same?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would say I am. I finally got indeterminate at my job, which means there's no end date - they'll keep me until they don't need me anymore, and they definitely need me.

And, I'm trying to make a few changes on a bad habit that I had and it's only been a month but so far so good.


not a plastic bag
Financially I am more stable and better off. I also am now 20lbs under 200 where 4 years ago I was 20lbs over 200. All of my relationships are better off.

Like you there are still things I need to change. I also still have not learned to play guitar.

Not sure if this website is better off. lol.


Embrace the Suck
Much better of in lots of ways, financially, in my relationships, in my continuing to exercise and get healthier, etc.


Supreme System Lord

I've moved to London, financially I'm secure, I've managed to maintain some decent physical shape and my inner confidence grown exponentially.

Relationship wise, I'm single so there's been no development on that front but I'm content with that for the time being.

Overall, I'm much happier than I was 4 years ago and my work/life balance is on point.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'd say so. I got a promotion at a few years ago and got my LMSW (a professional license), and through my job I've been able to help a good amount of people get jobs of their own. Financially I'm stable because of my career, but I need to do better at saving my money and would like to get a house someday. I live on my own now after rooming with my buddy @Millz for a few years (even if it is a small apartment, it's still mine), and my kidney transplant is still nice and healthy. I have a 3 yr. old niece who is my Goddaughter, and now she has a little sister on the way - so my family is great. Plus I have a cat now haha.

I definitely have work to do in terms of getting a girlfriend in my life and getting healthier with eating and working out. Still, I'd say the challenges in my life professionally have molded me into a better man. I hope that 4 years from now I can say that I'm married and close to starting a family.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Four years ago I had just lost my dream job and didn't know where to go with my life professionally. It was around the same time in which Rebecca, my current wife, went back to England and I wasn't sure when I was gonna see her again.

So yeah, a lot better. I got the wife, a dog, and a job that respects me and the effort I put into it.


Well-Known Member
Four years ago, I was quite the firecracker. Stubborn, headstrong, causing trouble and painting the town red with friends for simple enjoyment. I enjoy working, being active and just...I dunno, living life. However, I took a depressive spiral when I lost my job at the local hospital, I had been working at nursing homes for so long that working in a hospital was a dream. Lost it after two months. Then spent 6 months unemployed, it took a toll on me. The year of my 25th, everything changed. I spent a quarter of my life with no structure out of the military, and had nothing to show for it. Today, I've had the same job for almost 3 years now, stable with who I hang out with and my social groups, and I married the man I've been dating for 4 years.

So yeah, things are much improved :-3


Free Spirit
Staff member
I would say I'm better off, more money things in general are going better.


still nobody's bitch
For the most part, definitely. 4 years ago I had a job that paid shit, no paid time off, and no health insurance. Now I'm working as a mental health nurse making decent money and don't have to worry about what will happen financially if I get sick or have a recurrence of cancer. That's the only down-side of my life vs. 4 years ago; once you've had cancer you're always worried about it recurring. Any little thing that goes wrong in your body, that's where your mind automatically goes. But I am healthy.