Are you an equal opportunity viewer/poster?

Are you an equal opportunity viewer/poster?

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What I mean by this is, will you avoid somebody's topic because of who he/she is before even viewing it? Will you also avoid posting in that person's topic because he/she might lash out at you, or another reason due to the topic creator?

I'm going to poll this, and the poll will show what you voted for (in case you don't want to be shown). I'm just curious on the responses we get here.

Yes, I'm an equal opportunity viewer/poster. If the topic sounds interesting, I'll check it out and see what it's about even if I dislike a user. It's nice to see what other people are saying, and sometimes a disliked user makes sense. So, yeah, I give equal opportunity.


The Hierophant
My gig is that I generally stick to the newest posts. And when that's not doing it for me, I check out My gf. I don't choose too far beyond that.


Son of Liberty
I pick and choose my battles as wisely as possible. I never stick my nose somewhere it may end up broke. So hells yeah Im super picky about who and where I post.
I'm almost 100% influenced by the latest posts block, which only lists the posters name as opposed to the author (though sometimes they are one and the same). If I clicked it, you caught my interest so whoever you are, you did something right and I'll have a read! I'm pretty sure that'll be my indefinite system. I'm yet to see any one whose topics I'd remotely consider avoiding but perhaps, one day!


The Original Kiwi
I'm very much not equal opportunity. I'll click on some topics based entirely off of who they were created by and others I'll ignore for the same reason. I do use titles to determine thread worthiness as well, but it has to really catch my attention if it's by an unproven or poster I don't really care about.

Also, I'm like Ice, when replying, I'm very careful about picking my battles.