Are you afraid to be alone?

A thread in the movie section inspired this..

Do you like doing things by yourself, or are you one of those people who feel like they need to be with someone all the time?
I just find it amusing that anyone would think it's strange to go to the movies by themselves.
Is it also weird to go out to eat by yourself? To the beach by yourself?

How strong is your need for human contact? I'll admit, mine is pretty low.


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My need for human contact is pretty low. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing alone. Then there are other things that I don't mind doing alone, but I'd rather have some company. I do start getting pretty lonely after a few days without human contact.


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Meh, I do make human contact, being in school and all that, I am friends with everybody.

But, it gets kind of annoying, and sometimes I do prefer doing things alone.


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I rather work with someone, I personally hate being alone, I just think it's boring, I rather be someone so we can laugh, and I just think it's an overall better time. I also like to talk, so it's more fun to talk to someone then yourself lol.
I love being with people and talking and making people laugh. Greatest feeling ever.

Mine is very high.

But under special circumstances I do like to be alone, but thats not very often.
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I like being around people most of the time, but having time to do whatever I want with no one else trying to hurry me or get me to do something else is nice too. When I'm out grocery shopping or looking for something, or browsing a store of my interests, I'll go alone and take all the time in the world, but if it's to a movie or park or something like that, I'd rather have people to go with.


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Depends. If I'm practicing my bassoon I want to be alone (so nobody has to hear me. >_<) otherwise I love to be around others.
Depends. If I'm practicing my bassoon I want to be alone (so nobody has to hear me. >_<) otherwise I love to be around others.
Lol, im the same way. I hate people listening to me practice, because thats where I try to do all my messing up.


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my need for human contact is not insanely high or anything, but I have some friends.

a lot of things I do by myself but lot of things I do with other people just because there are some things that you just have to do with other people in my mind to make it fun such as working out Ican't stand working out by myself so I never EVER do but Ido get exercise 7-6 days every week and it's usually 7.