Are you a real man?

How many of these things can you do?

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Hell, It's about time!
Just how many of these things can you do?

The Big Manly List Of Stuff Every Guy Should Be Able To Do | Just A Guy Thing

  1. Change a car tyre
  2. Build a camp fire
  3. Pitch a tent (a proper one fellas, watching porn does NOT count)
  4. Fire a gun with moderate accuracy
  5. Down a pint of beer in one gulp
  6. Sharpen a knife
  7. Train a dog
  8. Powerslide a car round a corner
  9. Paint a room
  10. Mix concrete
  11. Cut down a tree
  12. Fix faulty wiring and light fittings
  13. Change car oil and filter
  14. Paddle a canoe
  15. Set up an XBox on a HDTV
  16. Steal your neighbours cable and/or WIFI connection
  17. Read a map WITHOUT using a SatNav
  18. Throw a mean left/right hook
  19. Take a mean left/right hook
  20. Cook a meal that isn’t beans on toast
  21. Climb a mountain
  22. Fillet a fish
  23. Survive a shopping trip with your wife/girlfriend
  24. Complete an army assault course
  25. Survive on a desert island (Wilson volleyball is optional)
  26. Go hiking for the weekend
  27. Hold your own in a boxing ring
  28. Survive a bear attack
  29. Be able to bend it like Beckham
  30. Fix a leaking pipe
  31. Host a successful BBQ
  32. Win a steak eating contest
  33. Bet (and win) on a horse/dog race
  34. Beat (at least) one of your friends at arm wrestling
  35. Hit the bell on the strength contest at the local carnival (you know, the one where you have to swing the hammer)
  36. Work out to get functional strength – not to look good!
  37. Put out a fire
  38. Go fishing with the fellas and actually catch something
  39. Read a book – anything by Andy McNab is acceptable
  40. Put up a shelf/bookshelf
  41. Demonstrate nunchuck skills
  42. Tie a Windsor knot
  43. Install hardware/software onto your PC or Mac
  44. Tarmac a driveway
  45. Dance while holding a pint of beer (and not spilling the beer)
  46. Walk home drunk from the pub/club without falling over
  47. Survive being interrogated
  48. Act like a gentleman around women
  49. Win at least one drinking game against your mates
  50. Drive really fast but never get caught by a camera or radar gun
  51. Never get lost while driving and NEVER ask for directions
  52. Listen to your wife/girlfriend while watching the football
  53. Remember your wife/girlfriends birthday and/or anniversary
  54. Look at hot women without being caught by your significant other
  55. Dress well when you need to and slob it up when you don’t
  56. Keep a covert porn stash where it can never be found (except by you)
  57. Start a fire using nothing but two sticks and your ingenuity
  58. Win at least one hand of poker against your friends
  59. Fix a wobbly table without making the legs 6 inches shorter
  60. Hussle somebody at a game of pool
  61. Understand how to play and win on fruit machines
  62. Make idle conversation with a hot blonde in a bar
  63. Command a covert team of Special Forces soldiers in a paintball game
  64. Open a stiff jar lid without blowing a blood vessel
  65. Flare bottles and glasses like Tom Cruise in Cocktail
  66. Carry a keg of beer to a party without dropping it
  67. Pretend to like your wife/girlfriends friends
  68. Thrash a few geeks on Call of Duty 4 on XBox Live
  69. Know never to wear socks with sandals. Ever
  70. Chop logs with an axe for firewood
  71. Score at least 100 in a game of darts
  72. Become a Centurion
  73. Shave like your grandpa
  74. NEVER forget Valentine’s Day
  75. Save a child from being hit by a speeding car
I hate not being able to see poll results - so I counted how many I could do so that I can vote :lol: 21

ETA: lol @ Millz :hah:
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The Hierophant
Shit. I lost count after 50 but I don't think I made it to 60. Funny ass list.

63. Command a covert team of Special Forces soldiers in a paintball game
;lol: I've done that so many times that I can't help but laugh at this.
Ditto. I voted none so I could see the results. None is right since I'm not a man to begin with, right? lol
The poll Q says 'how many of these things can you do?' so I went ahead and answered :shifteyes:
ok yeah, your idea was better, haha.

I had to look up what a 'windsor knot' is, I never knew it was called that.


still nobody's bitch
I answered a quantity other than zero because I can do a lot of those things. I can change a tire, build a fire, pitch a tent - wait, does that make me a dyke?
I really didn't expect to get a lot of these, but it turns out not only can I do most of them, I've done most of them. Crazy. :)

51-60, guess I'm a real man after all.

Oh and Hiei, I feel ya bro haha!