Are you a Procrastinater?


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I wanted to start this theard a while now, but kept postponing it :D

The title speaks for itself. Are you or are you not?
If you are do you envy ones who aren't?
If you aren't what are your thoughts of those that are?


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I am a big time procrastinator. At this moment, I should be preparing for my exams, but I decided to get on here instead. It sucks. I know I'm supposed to be studying, but it's

I definitely envy the people who can manage their time well. What's there not to be jealous of?

i am a huge procrastinator. if i like doing something, i'll do it right away but... well, for example last night, i was browsing instead of writing a dance essay due tomorrow.


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Yes, I'm a procrastinator.

This is why my house is worse than a fraternity's and my checking account is -$6.12.


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Damn, Hanzo beat me to it.

I'll give you my answer later.


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I am not a procrastinator
i do everything as fast as i can and olny until its good enough so really im not much better then someone who is a procrastinator im actualy worse


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I'm actually quite good at procrastinating. Some how, I'm able to put off work just long enough until motivation kicks in and I finish my work in the nick of time. It hasn't harmed me yet, I'm still dean's list material.


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I procrastinate most everything. I'm really good at getting started on projects, then I get distracted and end up putting it off till the last minute. Even if it's somehting I enjoy doing, it usually ends up getting procrastinated (like right now, I have a couple shirts I started a month ago for the 4th of July for the boys, they should have been done long ago, but instead they are sitting half finished for me to pick back up the week before the 4th and hurry and try to finish while also making a dress for my daughter.)