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Are you a prankster?


Sally Twit
Are you the type of person that enjoys playing practical jokes on people, or are you usually the victim of practical jokes?

I like playing them on this guy at work with a friend of mine. The guy we work with complains about everything. And anything that goes wrong is made in to a huge deal. He is always so loud when he complains, sighing and swearing. Every so often when he leaves for the day (he leaves at 4pm all the time) we will do something to his desk. We might unplug the mouse, unplug the monitor, take away keys from his keyboard. Sometimes we take his coffee mug ransom as he drinks about six mugs a day. I once replaced it with a plastic cup from the water machine and put a teabag inside it. His reaction to that one was pretty awesome. "It's not funny!! Whoever has it better give it back RIGHT NOW!"
Oh and another funny one that springs to mind is when I took the handset from his phone and he was just left with the wire. He is so much fun to wind up!


Haters gonna hate.
I have gone through my prankster phases. I have done some cruel things that I don't think are nice to share with you guys here... pretty mean.

I have received my fair share of pranks, too.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I won't lie, at first I thought the thread title was "Are you a spanker"

Anyway, back to the OP. I love joking around, always have, probably will for a long time. I love to make people laugh, and I try many different ways to do so. I won't go to the extreme and embarrass the person, but I'll try to make him/her crack a smile, along with the other people around.


Epic Gamer
Aye, I am indeed a prankster. I love pulling jokes and the tiniest of pranks. Never huge, in-your-face ones though. I've never tried the old bucket over the door trick. Maybe some day. :p


Sally Twit
Someone at work did that, Marc. But they used a plastic cup instead of a bucket. It was so funny.


Registered Member
I have always been a prankster, love it. I'm the one everyone will run to, when they want a prank pulled, but are afraid to do it themselves. I have done the basic simple pranking things, but I have gotten mean too. I have this tool that removes the valve stem from the car tires, and I have used it to flatten someone's tires on their vehicle. In less than 30 seconds I could have all 4 tires on their way to flatsville. It doesn't ruin the tires, it's just a big pain in the ass because the owner has to take all 4 of his tires in to a garage or someplace, and have new valve stems replaced. I haven't done that in a long while tho. The last vehicle I did it on was a blue Camaro. Imagine his surprise when he came outside to have a break at work and ta-da!- saw all 4 tires were flat! He got them fixed and was back to work the next day.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I love some pranks especially unplanned ones - spontaneous pranks are funnier for me. One example is what we did in the VIP forum and we were talking about some new feature that doesn't exist. It was first just a simple joke and then others decided to go with the joke and that was what made it hilarious. By end of day new VIPers truly believed they need to make certain number of posts in that section and wait for a special VIP private message or popup to be able to enjoy that feature. :lol:

Ask millz, he was one of the victims I believe! I'm going to search for that thread when I have time (and if you remind me on bbm). :p


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I seem to remember you fabricating something with the spy feature or whatever haha. Well, making it sound a lot cooler then it ended up being. I caught on half way through but being the curious cat that I am I had to see it out until the end :lol:

I'm not a huge prankster myself but sometimes I can be. If it something that is funny I'll follow along.


Registered Member
I've gone on ChatRoulette and made funny faces at some unsuspecting people just to troll them. I derive maximum lulz from this.