Are you a person that swears a lot?


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Are you a person that swears a lot? Does it bother you when people swear in front of you? I don't swear all that often, if I do I'll usually say it in my head instead of out loud. The only time I swear a lot is when I am watching sports and my team aren't doing to well. It doesn't bother me when people swear in front of me, the only thing I don't like is when someone says at least one cuss word in every sentence they say.
I cuss occasionally, but I actually try not to. I can't stand people that have no control of their mouth and cuss constantly. Especially when it's in every sentence even when there are young children around. I know they'll eventually learn to cuss, but it's the respect. I have a room mate that just yells cuss words 24/7 while he's talking and it gets annoying.

I brought up one day that I would appreciate if he'd stop cussing in front of these like 9 year old and explained that it was a respect thing to them and their parents. And he just replied "Man I'm a grown ass man I can talk however I fucking want, they should respect that."

What an arrogant idiot.


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Are you a person that swears a lot?

I reserve it for special occasions.

Does it bother you when people swear in front of you?
Sometimes. It's not so much that they swear but I get annoyed when swearing is overused as a filler word; it's as bad as hearing someone talk with nonsense words inserted every 4 words or so.


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I swear when I"m angry, annoyed, excited or mocking something else... So I use them a lot I suppose.

That being said I am conscious about the language I use at particular times and places and I'm not someone who uses "fuck" as a comma either.


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I swear way too much.

In April, I was with my cousins in Vermont, and we would just continuously swear to each other, and one of my cousin's friends was like "You guys swear way too much." They way he said it made me lol.

I just don't see why we have "bad" words. I guess the F bomb, because it directly relates to having sex or saying F you, but other than that words aren't all that bad.
I think curse words (or err, cuss/swear words) are a perfectly fine addition to your vocabulary (by my count it adds +11 or so, but it really depends if you consider "dumbass" and "ass" [and others like that] as independent curse words or not). I agree with Nibbles, overuse of ANY words bet it curse words or otherwise is the part that I think most people find annoying.

Plus, sometimes their just isn't any good alternatives to express oneself... Damnit.



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When I was in high school I used to swear a lot. In the past few years I don't swear that much. I tend to swear a lot when I'm going through stress at work or when I'm dealing with my family.