Are you a perfectionist?


Sultan of Swat
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I was wondering if any of you are perfectionist? Meaning that everything you do has to be perfect. Example you have a project to do at school you have to make sure that's perfect before you handed it. Or if you something simple as your bed it needs to be perfectly done?

Any of you are like that?

Do you know anyone that is this way?


It's not me, it's you.
Well, I would say that I'm obsessive compulsive instead of perfectionist. I may try and try, but I know it's not perfect. I do put forth the effort to do my best in most things, though.
I have a certain way things should to be done. That's why I don't rely on someone to do a job incase they mess up, I prefer to do it myself.
No, I'm not into perfection at all. Is there even such a thing? What a waste of time trying to make something perfect, especially when your idea of perfection will probably differ from someone elses.

Do I know someone who wants everything perfect? Why yes, yes I do.:nod:

You know who you are, Mr. P.


still nobody's bitch
Yes, I am. I've been known to re-write checks if I didn't like my handwriting. I've erased and re-written homework to make my writing neater. And I don't like it when someone messes up my shopping list with their messy handwriting.

It's reflected in other areas, too. I like things to be just right, and if they're not I get a little twitchy. Perfectionism is another word for OCD, if you ask me.


i'm a perfectionist when it comes to tidying up my room. i try to arrange it every single day. i hate it when it's even a bit messy.

or when i sing in any night-club [whether when i'm paid for that or when i sing in a karaoke] i must be perfect.

these are the only things that come to my mind right now.


Son of Liberty
Yes I am a perfectionist. Like Jeanie, I'll rewrite checks if I don't like it, I've done and redone and redone papers until they're just right, drives other people crazy and myself sometimes:lol:


Son of Liberty
I'm a perfectionist when its something with my name on it.

Everything else I take leisurely.

I love this story about Perfectionism and Effort, its one of those things that I hold dearly and will always remember as a benchmark in my life. Jimmy Carter requesting to be a Captain of one of Hyman G Rickovers Nuclear Subs. When Carter walked into Rickover's office for the interview, Rickover asked him about his college. Carter told him proudly that he finished 59th out of 750 students in his class.

Hyman G Rickover then Dropped a bomb on Carter by asking him "was that your best?". To which Carter responded with "I guess I could have been better". Rickover turned his chair away from Carter and the room was silent for 20 minutes. Jimmy Carter realized his interview was over and walked out devastated.

So... after I was told that story it really sunk in to me that I dont ever want to be in that situation that Jimmy Carter was in. I want to be able to say "this is my best work" every time my name is attached to something.