Are you a note-taker?


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I like taking notes. I even like post its, they're so convenient for short notes.

Either on purpose (listing things I need to remember) or absentmindedly, like when I have a pen and paper handy while I'm talking to someone, I tend to scribble stuff or key words of the conversation.

Sometimes I'd jot down things (could be numbers, phrases or ideas) that I want to come back on later. The problem is when I look at the words later, I sometimes forget why I wrote them in the first place. :lol: It comes back later though. There's also a problem with not understanding my own handwriting. I use my cellphone's notepad sometimes but if my phone isn't next to me, then I note on paper.


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the only time i ever took notes was when i was in school and the teachers would say "you might see this on your final exam!" because i sucked so hard at school... but.. no, i dont take notes ever! i try and remember what i have to! sometimes i'll email myself notes i guess. i dont know! im going to say no, i should probably take notes, but i dont.


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I was the kid that tried to take notes, but 5 minutes into class I'd start drawing and completely block out the teacher.


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If it's a class I don't take notes the way they want us to (like copy what's on the board). I make notes depending on how I process the information given to me - how it makes more sense to me. It's easier that way.

When I'm on the computer, I have notepad open and write stuff on it too while I surf.


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Yeah, I would say i was a note taking person. im always writing myself little reminders on pieces of paper about things i want to come back to later or just any random things that are in my head. i also leave myself notes on my moblie.
i have to take a lot of notes for college aswell lol


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I make lots of notes at work but I never make them at home. I have lot of post its all over my desk and on my PC at work. There's always things I need to remember.


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I have this 4 x 6 memo pad at work and that's where all my phone calls, things I need to do, etc go and they get crossed off as they get done. I have no such system at home because its just me and there needs to be none.


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I once pinned a to-do list to my refrigerator that said:

to do:
1. make to-do list

So... for the most part I don't take notes. Every once in awhile, I suppose. What I do do, is retarded things that make me giggle at my own imagined cleverness. It's like a disease or something.
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