Are you a member at a gym?


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I'm going to start shopping around pretty soon for a gym to go to. I was curious as to what people are generally paying for gym memberships.

So, do you have a gym membership, and what is your fee?

What I've found around my area so far:
At work, it's either $20 or $25 per month...but I don't know what their free weight selection is and if it's going to be good enough for me.

The community center is $35 a month...and I still need to go check that out as well.

I'm hesitant to go to places like LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness because they like to tack on membership/signing fees that are a couple of hundred dollars, then your monthly fee on top of that.
I did once have a membership at LA Fitness for a long time, so I wonder if they would waive that for me. Doesn't hurt to ask.


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I do not.

i have a weight machine and free weights in my basement. My mother and one of my sisters go to the gym though. I think it's more than $35 a month, though..


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I don't have a gym membership but...I have a free gym that I can go at my job. It's amazing as well, because it as everything you want, and it's all new gym equipment.
No. Many reasons why not:

1) I don't like working out in front of other people.
2) I don't like to drive there and back just to work out.
3) I prefer to work out at home and buy equipment. When I see it out there is usually motivation to use it.
4) I'm the type of person that will make excuses saying it's too hot, cold, rainy, ect.. to drive down there and work out.

All in all I like to work out at home. I probably won't get the same hardcore workout as I would at the gym, but at the same time it doesn't deplete ALL my energy.


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I use the gym at a local secondary school, my daughters actualy, they have a good selection of equipment and free weights and will eventualy be getting some boxing gear in, heavy bags/speed balls and the like.

I have been for a while as I screwed my ankle up but it costs around fifteen quid a month with no joinng up fee or extra hidden costs.


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That's cool BR, I wish the gym here at work was free, but then it would probably be overflowing with the thousands of people that work here.

There are many reasons why I can't do it at of them being I live in a one bedroom apartment, and there's just no room.

We do have an apartment gym, but they do not have any free weights because people will steal them. Someone even stole the TV out of there.

Plus, to me, there is a big difference between what you buy and bring into your home (unless you have unlimited space and a lot of $$) and what they have in a larger gym is a huge difference. I find home gyms to be more flimsy and less user friendly.

Also, I just love lifting weights. I love doing it in a variety of ways. Emphasis on variety. Another reason why I don't like home gyms. They are usually compact and you have only a set number of ways to work out specific muscle groups.

And for all you amateur's, yes, you can weight lift on a regular basis and not bulk up. You'd be surprised how many times people say something like that when I mention that I like to lift.
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Another reason why I don't like home gyms. They are usually compact and you have only a set number of ways to work out specific muscle groups.
Chuck Norris saves the day once again:

YouTube - Chuck Norris Total Gym
I want a Total Gym, they look so awesome and endorsed by Chuck himself. You can fold it up and put it under your bed, too. The cost is a little iffy starting at around $2oo.oo... Hmm... =o


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Yeah, I'm not impressed with the Total Gym. Or Chuck Norris.
I bet that's not what he works out on at home.

I'm extremely picky when it comes to equipment.

Also, I can't view that video from work.


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No, I'm not a member anymore because I just can't afford it. I was paying 40 bucks a month and had to sign a contract.

I'm happy though because they didn't take care of the equipment and never cleaned. :-/


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I pay roughly $40 bucks a month to use the YMCA facility by my house.

Most gym memberships in my area run from 60-80 a month in my area. So I guess it is "inexpensive" but it looks by comparison to other people's costs it is on the higher end.

Probably because of the pools.