are you a math expert?


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Or can you figure out the solution to this?


Someone asked me this and although it's not important, I'm now curious as to the correct response (he doesn't know either).


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I will let my boyfriend explain seeing as he is the one that answered it lawl...

I haven't done algebra for a long time but I believe the approach is to try and put the equation into its simplest form. Obvious place to start is:

(5x542) = 2710

Leaves you with:

2710 + B - 279

B can't be simplified any further as its value is unknown but 2710 and 279 are of the same type, so you can bump the -279 over and take it from the 2710, leaving you with 2431 and 'B' (ie; 2431 + B). It can't be processed any further than that so that's the final answer.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
yay thanks

i was wondering whether the -279 was to be taken as substraction or as a negative number multiplied to the quoted pair (and that's where I was lost before)


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No, I'm not a math genius.

Yes, I can "solve" it (as much as Synd did). You can't really solve it, because this isn't an equation.