Are you a hypochondriac??


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Having a co-worker who thinks he has every disease known to man made me think about this topic. Being a hypochondriac can be very deadly to deal with...especially for people who's associated with someone who is. I was wondering if your a hypochondriac?
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No I'm not, in fact I'm overly sensitive to being one because my mother plays up her illnesses for dramatic effect. It's annoying as shit.
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*genetic <3 cg lol

My aunt can be a bit of one at time. Attributing any ache or pain to some disease or condition she researched on the net.

As for myself, I tend to be the opposite, I never think any of my symptoms are anything worthy of noting and don't take any of them seriously.
Eh, in some ways, yes. My dad has a running joke about my 'tropical diseases' and always calls me a hypochondriac. There's always something wrong with me (in my mind, at least) and I obsess about some things, health-wise.

It doesn't affect me seriously at all, though. Everyone just takes it as a joke and I don't even talk about it that much, in fact, I only ever really complain to my mum, dad, and myself.

I self-diagnose myself with something weird on Google about once a week on average and have a list of everything that's gone wrong with my health in the past and current... it's a pretty long list but none of it is of any importance, I just like to keep a record of even insignificant things.

Do I sound insane yet? :lol: It's really not a big deal at all. I know hypochondria is a very serious problem for some people.


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No I'm not, infact I'm the oppostie (if such a thing exists) if I never get ill and when I do I try to brush it off and think "it'll just pass" Im never at the doctors and never think I need to go to the doctors even if I feel like I'm dying lol


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I can be in a joking way. If I have one simple symptom I'll walk around saying "Omg my *insert disease* is acting up. I do tend to think I have something going on all the time, but that is because 90% of the time I DO. I have an immune disorder, and I am sick so often that it has become natural for me to think I have something going on. Not only that, but I do have some of the weirdest problems come about that normal people don't get, so I'll come up with random things I could have just as, I dunno, a coping technique I guess.

I do think serious hypochondria is a problem. I do believe if people think there is something serious going on with them for a long enough time period, that something will happen.. Or maybe it is just they know something is wrong with them and we just pass it off that they are crazy because they can't pinpoint what is wrong with them so they constantly think it is something.


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I'm not, but I also work with a person who might be. Every single day it's one thing or another- a headache, a cold, a sinus infection and she tends to spaz out a bit if a child coughs or sneezes near her. (we work in a school so it happens a lot)


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I used to be bad when I was younger...about 6-7 years ago i'd say. Now I'm not as bad and usually dont overeact when I see a new spot on my body lol. You can ask BR how bad I was. I think the worst was when I thought I had cancer or a kidneystone when I had a pimple on my lower back lol. I'm really glad I kinda got over it because it actually took control of my life and it was a depressing time of my life.