Are you a hoarder?


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Are you one of those people who just can't throw away or get rid of something because of the sentimental value attached to it, do you have various different items in your house that are totally useless and take up space but you simply cannot get rid of it?

I do and I have quite a few lol!

The reason I am asking this is because I really need to tidy the cupboard under my sink and among the various items there are little bottles of shampoo and packets of soap that you get free from Hotels. Well the night I landed in Salt Lake myself and R1p stayed in a really cheap motel for the night before renting our first apartment and R1p took all the little bottles of shampoo etc. As you know we have been Married over a year now yet those bottles and soaps are still there and have moved with us every time we get a new place, I simply can't get rid of them and I am never, ever going to use them, in 10 years time they will still be gathering dust lol!

What about you, what objects can you not throw away?


yes. i do have a lot of those useless objects which make me recall different events from the past.
it's hard for me to get rid of them.
btw, my mom is worse. she still has the clothes she used to wear on her first job. she says those were good times .lol.
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Having had to completely get rid of everything i've owned except clothing twice in my life now, I don't have sentimental attachments to objects, and so find no reason to hoard the useless items. I will keep a whole lot of stuff for a while, but then at certain times just clean out everything I don't need. This weekend is planned for a mass clean out of my stuff. I should get rid of about 3/4 of my belongings then.


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I can't deny it. I have emotional attachments to pretty much everything... XD

Myself always being stuck in the past... Still have my sheet music from my senior season of marching band (2006), I still have cards from throughout the years, and tons and tons and tons of other things which aren't really necessary.

Those probably aren't the best examples... Oh yeah here's one - I still have an itinerary from a marching band contest in 2006. lol. The sheet music is more practical to keep, but the itinerary... :lol:

Oh and I still have all of my bassoon reeds. I've never thrown away a single one. Gross, I know.


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Oh gosh. I keep Christmas and B-Day cards just because I feel it would be rude to throw them away. I have a problem with stockpiling pictures and stuff that connects me to x-girlfriends that I don't get over overnight.

I guess I'm pretty much a pack rat all around. If I think it is the slightest bit useful or may come in handy, I throw it in a box until I see it again.


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Yes, I have emotional attachment to objects, but fortunately, they are not entirely useless most of the time: Books, and a collection of old VHS tapes. I hoard books, and would hate to give them away, even when it's unlikely I will ever read them again.


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I can't really think of anything useless that I wouldn't throw away. Things get to bugging me pretty quick when they just sit around unused.


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I throw out the useless papers I don't need! I had all my books since year 7 in the garage and chucked them away last week due to the clean up in the garage.


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I hoard everything, pretty much, but it's not because I'm attached to them or anything - I just don't like throwing stuff away because you never know if it will come in handy, or if it's worth something in value. :dunno: