Are you a good wrapper?


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Since the Christmas season is upon us we are all giving gifts and receiving gifts which includes wrapping them.

So do you think you are a good wrapper? Some people just are naturally good at wrapping gifts, other people just cant do it at all.

I used to be really really rubbish at wrapping, but now im better coz i had lost of practice over the past few years.

maybe your good at wrapping simple stuff like things in boxes, or maybe your good at wrapping difficult gifts?

so whats everyone's thoughts?
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I'm usually good with it, sometimes I may have something that is weird and difficult to wrap, but usually I just put it in a bag or something so it is easy.
During the month of November and December I get excited when I think about wrapping. I think it's fun and I can't wait to get started, BUT, once I start to wrap I get bored half way through the first gift and start to rush. In the end, it looks like a big ball of paper around a gift rather than a masterpiece. I just hide them behind the good looking presents. ;)


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If I can't wrap my presents with solid creases then they go into bag with tissue paper because I'm not even going to attempt it because it won't look good.


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I don't really give many gifts out at Christmas.

When I do I normally leave it to my Mum to wrap them. She's much better with things like that.

I can wrap my own things but it's usually a sub-standard job at best so I'm better off leaving it to Mum.


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i sometimes get bored of wrapping half way through and then it all goes really bad. i like to make the wrapping look good, i wrapped some really good ones this year, but they were all simple shapes. i have re-wrapped gifts before because i wasnt happy with the way they turned out
It depends. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and don't find wrapping that difficult, so if I wanted to make a present look really good then I could wrap it well. However I don't really think my friends and family care what the wrapping is like and I hate wrapping lots of presents so 80% of the time it ends up being really messy :lol: And sometimes I mis-judge how much paper to cut off and dont cut enough so there is a space left uncovered, in which case ill stick a scrap piece of paper over it :lol: It looks kinda bad but I don't think it matters lol.


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I used to be really good at it and used to do all the wrapping for my mother. I guess I either don't enjoy it anymore, or I lost my talent for it. I try to put things in gift bags now. I only wrapped my nephew's presents this year so that he would have more fun opening them.


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I'm pretty good at wrapping, I've never got any complaints :hah: I like to use brown postal paper, I'm not into spending the extra dollar on pretty wrapping paper when I can buy a roll of postal paper for a fraction of the cost and get three times as much life out of it!


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I'm a sucker for pretty wrapping paper, i know its just gonna end up being all ripped and thrown away, but when you are looking at the gifts and feeling them to guess what they are, i like to look at the wrapping paper as well :D
I also like to add bows to my gifts as a little extra something