Are you a facebook creeper??


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I'm sure that most of everyone here as a Facebook account. I was wondering if you guys are a Facebook creeper? If so how long do you usually creep a day and what do you usually creep??


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Isn't that the point of facebook?

Actually I don't creep all that much. I was going through your brother's pics one day. Sometimes I stalk exes and/or my ex's current wife. :shifteyes:


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Nope, don't own a single facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. account - ever. Just not into that kind of stuff. Keeping up with emails is hard enough as it is!, lol. Oh, and I'm not a lurker either.


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I am not a creeper, but I do go through my ex's photos, seeing what they got and yesterday I had a nasty surprise..she's got a boyfriend. I wasn't a happy chappy, mind you I spent nearly 2 years with this gal, so it stung a bit.

I check wallposts and talk to people.


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If i'm bored i'll do a bit of creeping of the people facebook is suggesting me to be friends with. I do creep my ex best friends profile every once in a while when i'm down because I like to laugh at the road her life has taken.


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Who doesn't creep? :lol:

If someone I haven't seen or talked to in a while shows up on my news feed, I'll click on their profile and skim through some pictures. Same when someone changes their profile picture.

I usually skim through pictures of new people I add or add me mostly to see what kind of people they are.