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Are You A Dreamweaver Fan?


Registered Member
I think Dreamweaver is excellent and I don't know if I'd use anything else at this point. To me, its real power is that a relative beginner to building web pages can easily teach themselves how to do basic functions without getting bogged down by more complex functions until they're ready to do so.

The help section is great, with step-by-step directions for some really cool stuff. I just wish more of the extensions available were free of charge, like they used to be when people first started posting them. I'm also hoping that the merging of Macromedia and Adobe doesn't result in changes to Dreamweaver that will affect its versatility. It's the app I first used to build a simple website and still use for much more complex tasks now. I guess that's what I think is its best attribute for users.

It would be nice if it could be a little less expensive though ;)


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Staff member
The only features that make Dreamweaver better than the others are the fact that you can set it up to display rogue code and tags. So if you open something but don't close it, Dreamweaver will display the tag highlight in yellow so you can see that you forgot to do something.

It's also nice for making quick Flash buttons, layers, and image maps, but for the most part after coding pages for years, I can practically do them with my eyes closed. The WYSIWYG method is nice, but half the time I just don't want ot wait for the program to open, so I just open a blank notepad. :)