PlayStation 1 Are you a crash fan?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nightsurfer, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    I think cash bandicoot was a blast..I'm not sure wich one was my favorite because they were all fun..All the strange levels and backgrounds.
    And that mask..... It took me a while to get good at it but when I was one man would last for hours...I don't know how much time I lost to this game but i'm sure it was alot..One of the best games for the PS1 I would say..:nod:
    Anyhow wich crash did you like best?
    And would you like to see a new crash come out....
    So all you crash fans sound off.......:D

  2. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    Crash Bandicoot is cool, well he used to be. There was a pure like aspect to the games, almost like the Mario 2D games, but then Crash started to suck. The originals are still great though
  3. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    Wow, another Crash thread, just like the one I already replied to.

    My ex told me a story about Crash 3, his German family were over and his German aunt said, on the pirate level, "Da bomb-ba!" when she saw the pirate ship shoot a bomb-ba.

    Oh happy days
  4. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    Actually, Crash games are still being made. Except from what I've heard they're now lacking in quality quite a bit.

    I loved the Crash Bandicoot games. My favorite was probably Crash Bash. Second favorite would be #2.
  5. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    I only had the original Crash and I loved playing it. I did find it hard though at first, to get used to the controls. I've always had a hard time using the top buttons. I guess I am just used to the old "just using your thumbs" controllers.

    I am trying to remember the commercials. I know they are funny, but I can't remember exactly how they were. Anyone remember them?
  6. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    You can probably find the commercials somewhere online.
  7. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    hi..Yes I do..They allways featured Crash with a megaphone talking into it while standing in or across from the nintendo HQ....
    The ironic thing abought that is that nintendo now owns the rights to crash:lol:
    Too funny..Isn't it strange how things work?
  8. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    Nintendo owns the rights to Crash? When'd that happen?
  9. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    Not to the best of my knowledge, Crash is now on all consoles, besides the psp I think.

    That mask was the best, I remember trying to figure out it's name (never read the book), best I could figure was "oonga boonga".
  10. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    You didn't really need to read the manual, you just needed to watch the cutscenes. (on Crash 2/3/Bash at least, he didn't have a major story role in the first) His name is Aku Aku, and he's my favorite character.

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