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Are you a cologne/perfume type of individual?


The return shall be legenday!
When going out do you spray yourself with a type of cologne/perfume? If so what are some of your personal favourites?


New Member
I'm not a huge cologne guy, but I did get some Ralph Lauren Polo a couple of years ago. It smells awesome, and I'll probably buy it again when the bottles empty. I only use it on dates or going out to a bar. Have to be careful becuase some of my colleagues are scent sensitive and have pretty bad allergies.


Registered Member
I'm not a cologne person. I have some fancy European bottle that my college roommate's friend left behind when he went back home, so I use that on occasion.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm a big cologne guy, but I really just use it when I'm going out with friends, going to a special occasion, or going on a date. I currently have three kinds that have accumulated in recent years. My newest is Versace Eros, which I would highly recommend. I also have Polo Big Pony #2 and Dolce & Gabbana LIght Blue.

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member
I am! I love perfume and body spray. I have a lot of them, and I remember to wear them once a week or so. But I make sure I don't douse myself in them, as I don't want to give anyone an asthma attack. Some of my favorites are Lilu (discontinued from Pac Sun), Vera Wang Princess, Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, and Bottled Emotion: Flirty. I also love Bath & Body Work's Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray.


Registered Member
Axe Body Spray not overly often. My nose is not fond of sharp smells like perfumes and colognes. ...besides it's been scientifically proven that your subtle smell of natural odors will attract the opposite sex. (I don't mean not using pit-stick and not showering)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I only put cologne when I go out. I have this one made by BOSS and it smells terrific. I just give myself two sprays so it doesn't bother people that much - even though it smells really nice.


Registered Member
willge87 said:
I do not wear cologne. The only bottle I ever got was the free sample of CHACIN that they were giving away at one of the ballgames in 2006 :lol: .
I actually sort of wanted that just cause I collect Jays memorabilia :lol: I hear that it smelled awful.
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