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Are you a chomper or a sucker?


Sally Twit
Get your minds out of the gutter! I'm talking about sweets and chocolate.

Do you normally just gobble the stuff down or do you keep it in your mouth and suck it? There is no innuendo-free way to ask such questions.

I am a sucker! My favourite way to eat chocolate is to suck on it. It doesn't matter what type of chocolate it is, I'll always suck. I'm just the same if I ever eat sweets really. Don't like to chomp 'em down because I don't enjoy them as much.


Lion Rampant
My name is Tucker and I am a chompucker. Normally I'll just grind candies up, when I eat them at all, but with a quality solid chocolate bar like a Dove or a Cadbury I might occasionally just let a piece sit on my tongue and melt for a while.


Registered Member
I was thinking popsicles, but same concept. I'm a sucker lol.


I neither 'chomp' nor 'suck', over here we have something called table manners. I eat with my mouth closed and make no sounds.


I understand what you mean, but chomp and suck are both such disgusting words to describe human eating. It's makes me think of those people who cannot eat without making loud slurping, sucking and squelching noises which make me sick.

But in answer to your question (properly) I usually like to savour my food, especially good food rather than just throwing it down as fast as I can. I do however do this on occasion when I don't have much time.

Especially with chocolate, I like to savour that a lot.
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Sally Twit
I wasn't referring to sounds when I was asking the question. And people do suck with their mouth closed. Chomping can be taken both ways I suppose. But I was referring to chewing. Just wanted to use a different word.


Yeah sorry, I've always had personal issues when it comes to people who eat loudly and I just took that too much to heart when I saw the thread. For most of my life I've had to actually leave the room or go elsewhere if someone near me is eating in a disgusting manner or chewing gum as it makes me feel sick and fills me with rage at the same time. I KNOW it's an issue, and I should probably see a therapist about it someday before I punch someone in the face for chewing gum on a bus or something but it's just something I've always had. The two adjectives you chose to use in the thread title stirred up this issue within me.


still nobody's bitch
Crouton I feel exactly the same way.

When I'm eating a solid chocolate I suck on it. you appreciate the flavor more that way


Registered Member
I was thinking lollipops when I saw the title, and I was going to say "Licker" :)
I'm not a chocolate fan, so I don't chomp and I don't suck anything chocolate.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Get your minds out of the gutter!
I'm happy to declare mind purification success for me...finally. I didn't even think of other stuff.

For sweets, I prefer to lick and/or suck. I reserve chomping for crispy salty things.


Sally Twit
Lollipops fall under sweets, Dabs. Some people just bite right in to them where as others will suck and lick away!
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