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Are we seeing another submission "Renaissance" in the WWE?


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Especially in the last several months, us devoted GF wrestling fans have been talking about our yearning for more submission finishers in the WWE.

I just posted a thread about Daniel Bryan's submission of choice, the LeBell Lock. I can start naming other instances over recent months - an increased stress of Jericho's "Walls of Jericho" as a finisher instead of a set-up move, the Hart Dynasty's use of the Sharpshooter, Dolph Ziggler's deadly Sleeper Hold, Del Rio's awesome new adaptation of the Arm Bar submission, Punk's reemergence of the Anaconda Vise, Swagger's devastating Ankle Lock...plus some that have been around, such as Cena's STF and Taker's "Devil's Gate..."

(1) Do you think that the WWE is doing a good job of balancing finishers with submission and impact once again? Why or why not?

(2) Also, just to spice up discussion, what are some submissions that you think would fit well with superstars that aren't using one at the moment? (for example, giving Kane the Iron Claw).


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I don't really pay attention to finishers really, and there are only a few wrestler out of the bunch that can really pull it off as a finishing move. I for one, some might find this as a surprise, but really don't like The Undertaker's Hellsgate move, it just looks wierd seeing a big man winning via submission. Now Cena as much as I hate him, has a very good submission and don't mind seeing it applied to win the match, as well as CM Punks Anaconda Vice is pretty sweet as well. For the bigger guys like Undertaker and Kane, I want their matches to end with one of there finishers, whether it be a chokeslam, tombstone, or last ride. Swaggers ankle lock is sweet and Zigglers sleeper sure fits him.

I guess what I am trying to say, the WWE shouldn't force the wrestlers to apply submissions for most of the main roster. Instead even it out, like the bigger guys like Kane and Undertaker and Big Show should have no business do submissions, we want to see a slobber knocker, and for the other talent, if they can pull it off seemlessly then I am all for it.