Are We Just as Bad as the Media?

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Wade8813, Feb 13, 2010.

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  2. Major

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    You tell us. You're the one with the most posts in that thread (29).

    But yeah, we are hypocritical. The media only shows us what gets them ratings. If an "unrealistic image of what girls should look like" gets high ratings, it's because that's what people want.
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  3. Kibi

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    Would we have thought about starting that thread if the media hadn't bombarded us with the "ideal"?

    I'm terrified to leave the house today because I don't even meet my own standards of how I look let alone any one elses. (not in an emo way and it wont ACTUALLY stop me from going out but I will have to COAT my self in makeup...)


    Yes we're hypocrites but we're human...

    ....get over it.


  4. Wade8813

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    Sure, but I only blame the media for super skinny women, not for mega hot women. And I haven't posted any super skinny women (they tend to look gross anyway) ;)

    That brings up another (related) point - so often I women talk about how terrible they look on a particular day, and how they need so much makeup, but they often look just fine, and I can't even tell the difference (plus the fact that too much makeup is often counter-productive, IMO).
  5. Sim

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    Yes, I think it's a problem that the media shows us too much what we want, instead of what's true.

    That's especially annoying when it comes to politics and science: Many journalists and pundits rather tell the people (or a particular demographic they try to address) what they want to hear, and increasingly distort the truth and factual evidence to make it match this narrative -- inconvenient truths are downplayed or even ignored, and convenient prejudices fed by exaggeration, out-of-context reports and scandalization of no-events (how many "Xgates" have your heard of in the past decade? And did any of it remotely compare to Watergate?).

    I wish for a stronger ethos of journalists. And maybe subjecting the media, central functional piece in a free democratic republic, to the free market and its dynamics is not the right way to go, either, because the market doesn't care for quality or truth, since people buy what they want, not what they should -- and which is beneficial for individual preferences for goods is not beneficial for information. Information is not good when it's what people *want* to hear. It's good when it's true and valid, even if people do not want to hear it.
  6. ExpectantlyIronic

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    This is the internet. I think we are the media. Just not very mass or mainstream. Either way, I never posted in any such thread, so my hands are clean. :)
  7. Wade8813

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    If you have a problem with the MS media doing it, do you have a problem with us doing it too?
  8. ExpectantlyIronic

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    There's a smaller audience here, so we have less power, and thus less responsibility. It's not as bad. Although, I think its forgivable to some degree for even major media-outlets to do, just so long as they try and avoid giving the impression that nobody could legitimately appreciate anything beyond what they choose to hold up as an ideal (in whatever domain). Sadly, marketers have found it in their interest to do just that, and it's just how effective they often are at it that makes it so disturbing to me.
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  9. ysabel

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    Media could reinforce "unrealistic" images of what women should look like. We, consumers, don't necessarily create it when we talk about what is out there in the media. Our problem maybe is that we buy into what media tells us and some let themselves be highly influenced by it. And this behavior somehow pushes media to continue doing what they do (we become a market that demand and the market they want to please).
  10. Wade8813

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    Sure - but if we complain about the media's portrayal in one thread, then portray the same thing ourselves...

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