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Are Virtual Games Addictive?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Are Video Games Addictive? Although addiction is traditionally is associated with drugs these day, there is however addictions that do not have drug stimulating chemical reaction to them. Like gambling.

Would you consider that video games have potential to be addictive and how intense the addiction of video games is?


Anything can be addictive. I know someone who is addicted to playing bingo. I know of people who are addicted to certain foods etc. So yeah, games can be addictive, but it really depends greatly on the person and whether or not they have an addictive personality to begin with. I've played a lot of games, from World of Warcraft to Pokemon and I myself have only been addicted to one game, and that's Tetris. This type of thing really changes from person to person.


Haters gonna hate.
Video games can be addictive, but probably not by the common psychological definition of addiction. I do, however, believe that people can become entranced by certain games and franchises and dive hours upon hours of time into the game without knowing what is going on with the passage of time. I wouldn't quite call that addiction, but that's just me.


Registered Member
Yes, they can be addicting. However, unlike most other addicting things, video games can get boring after awhile, at least for me anyway. Some RPGs are so addicting I end up playing them multiple times over, BUT now I can hardly bare the thought to even putting in those games again because I'm so drained of them. And, just because you stop playing one game, it doesn't mean you'll go delve into another. There have been many times where I'll take very long breaks from gaming in general. In fact in the past 3 weeks I may have turned on my Xbox twice, and both those times it was only for about 30 mins each because I got bored of it quickly.