Are u bored?


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What do you do when your bored and got nothing else to do. What do you turn to? I myself have found myself being bored a lot lately and need to find something new, so share what you do in your time of boredom.


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When I get really bored, I just kind of walk around the dorm.

Sometimes I go outside and throw the football around a little bit or sit here and just listen to music.


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Take up a new hobby? Read a book? Surely there is SOMETHING you like to do that will keep you busy.

Listen to music?

If all else fails, volunteer to help out with a community service or soup kitchen type of thing. Always a good thing to do. :)
I don't understand how people can get bored in this day and age. My parents use to say "Only stupid people get bored." and I thought that was crazy talk. But they were right. We had video games, music, FREE TIME to do anything you want. People take that for granted until they're shoved in a job, have kids or school. Enjoy the free time doing unlimited things in this day and age. With, or without money. :D


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If I'm bored I come on the net, or read a bath. Or take a bath, which I have an obsession with :lol:


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anyway enough of that........

one of my friends says "only boring people get bored" which is a fair point i guess...not that im trying to call u boring :-/ lol

when im bored i text my mates and see if they wanna come round or i go round there, or i go for a drive or i end up doing the things i need to do, like cleaning, only if ur desperate though, i would advise that :nod:


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I am never bored. At home I can visit with friends, watch tv, play video games, and clean, although I really hate cleaning.
At work I have my work, then I read ebooks in pdf form so that it looks like I'm working, and surfing the forum, of course.