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Are they real or fake??


Wanna play?
....ummm your tree's that is!!:lol: (Shame on you)!!

We go out and chop one down every year. As far as I'm concerned, it's not Christmas until my hands are full of sap and the house smells like pine!!


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It'll be real and cut from out own property.


what? no pink?
ours is fake and has been since our daughter was born. I would like for her to experience going and cutting down a tree though sometime, but without her father it's kinda hard cuz I don't know anything about it LOL the rest of my family all have fake trees or they purchase them from those cheesy tree lots :)

someday though I'm sure I can get one of her uncles to take us out to cut down a tree.


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Fake but only since last year. It looks real though. :)

I prefer real ones, but oh well. It's still possible to get the real tree smell by lighting some candles. :D


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I personally do not have a tree, but then I am not at my house for Christmas. My parents have a fake tree, because it is easier to clean up after. But my grandparents always cut a tree from their property every year.


Wanna play?
My friend (she is well past the point of "mildly" eccentric) just went out and bought a fake silver tree with colored lights. When she called to tell me what she just spent $250 on, I thought...."ewwww...YUCK"""...but I have to say, when I went by her house at night and saw the tree all put up in the window, it really-really looked good. Not something I would personally buy, but I'll enjoy seeing it at her house!
A little on the same note, I spent 2 full hours untangling lights today...why do I do this to myself every stinkin' year??? It's sooooo cold when I take them down I think to myself "I'll just untangle em in December, then every December I think "what the HECK was I thinking"???? It's like a never ending cycle of madness...GRRRRR!!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi..We cheat we have a prelit 7 1/2 foot tall blue spruce....I got sick of stringing lights and if one goes out they all go out!!!!Grrrrrrrrrr!
Now all I have to do is keep Catzilla out of it...


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Real all the way. Better is if there is one growing in your backyard. Still, I do not see anything wrong with buying a tree which has been grown for this very purpose.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Here is an I dea as to what to do with your real trees after X-Mass..Let the tree dry compleaty..Takes a week or two..
Then put it in the back yard (standing up) then light the sucker on fire..:-o

Not for too long. Long enough for the needles to burn off and the trees trunk to get chared...Oh yeah don't forget to have the hose standing by to put it out..
Let it dry once again..Takes abought 2 hours to compleatly dry.

Then get some silver spray glitter and spray it all over...
Then You add Halloween decorations and cobwebs and orange lights to it and you got yourself the coolest Halloween tree in town....

Not to mention it satifies the pyro in you...:lol: