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Are the Leafs Dirty, Careless, Stupid or just unlucky.


New Member
We often look at the Bruins and Flyers and call them Dirty teams.. They have a rep of being the Big Bad Bruins and Broad Street Bullies. Basicly a bunch of dirty goons for generations.

The Leafs preach truculence but have never really been labeled in the same Dirty tag as the Bruins and Flyers..


Clarkson has just been suspended for the 2nd time this season. Kadri, Kessel and Phanuef have also been suspended this year.
-5 suspensions
-4 Players
-2 for Head shots
-1 for Boarding
-1 for 2 handed swinging slashes
-1 for coming of the bench to fight
-19 games lost to suspension

More then half of Leafs games have had a player missing due to suspension.. That is a CRAZY stat.

So WHY? Are they now a Dirty Team? Are they just reckless? Clarkson was clearly stupid for his first suspension.. Is this a team of idiots? Or are they just unlucky?


Registered Member
I'd honestly have to go with all of the above, but it is up for debate. Clarkson's 10 game suspension was stupid. Kadri's suspension was sort of unlucky. The debate is out on Kessel's, but it might go in the stupid and dirty columns (though it was out of self defense initially). Phaneuf's was sort of an act of carelessness and dirtiness.


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I wouldn't call Kessel a suspension or games lost. Kessel was a wrist slap, nothing more.

This is just a bi-product of being a bigger, more physical, team. Their playstyle requires them to play big and physical and sometimes bad things can happen. If you're going to put players in your line up that play on the edge, you're going to end up with these results.

...Kadri is just a dirty, whiny, bitch anyway. He's made a career and reputation for himself of being a hot head who is not scared to use his stick in a dangerous way to avoid dropping his gloves. Just google the little punk, you will see. He will either have to change or he is going to eat more fists. He's already had one player attack his face one this year.

Kessel, while not as dirty, is just as reckless with his stick as Kadri. A few times Chara had to rescue his ass after he tried to lumberjack someone.

If this is the sword the Leafs want to bring in to battle, they better prepare to die on it too.
It's a result of a lot of things, but the traces of Brian Burke's stint in Toronto is still alive with Randy Carlyle being a head coach. He won a Stanley Cup in Anaheim with a big physical team. The problem is that in Toronto, he's surrounded by dipshits on the ice. They'll never amount to anything with this team in Toronto.
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