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Are Soulmates Real?


Registered Member
Do you believe in soulmates? I think it's a poetic idea but doesn't seem to be all that realistic...at least the idea that there is only one out there for everyone. I could believe in the idea that we have multiple "soulmates", including friends. I guess I haven't heard from someone who really believes in the "one soulmate" concept since I was a teenager (excluding my parents). So I'm curious if anyone is a believer.


Registered Member
I think the term is overused.

I was in love when I was young. Later, it turns out that not only was I not in love, I didn't love myself.

Later I met a woman who taught me to love myself. Then I could love another. Truly.

Then you can find somebody you would take a bullet for without question. Is that a soul mate?

I do know that if you love once, it is easier to love again. It makes it easier to love more.


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I fell in love with my wife at first sight, but she did not feel the same way. She's more cynical though. I think any two people can be happily married if they BOTH work at it and they have some basic beliefs in common. It doesn't matter if it's a soul mate situation or an arranged marriage.