Are some seasons too long


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Here is a question that kind of got slid in off track a little on another thread. Are the NBA, NHL, and MLB regular seasons too long?

I personally think they all are, MLB is way too long with 162 games in their regular season. I catch myself watching all three more regular during the first few weeks, then following them catching 1 or 2 games every so often until they get to the games that start seeming to matter more towards the end when they are fighting for playoff spots, and then watching playoffs. It just seems with so many games that the need to play full of intensity every game is not there. The NFL in my opinion has it right with a shorter season making every game important to your post season hopes. If they all at least cut it in half with the number of regular season games and it would be more appealing to me to watch more throughout the season.


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1. The NFL is perfect with having a 16 game season because football games are grueling and tough...and in need that week to recover.

2. Sure, the MLB season may be 162 games, but thats what makes it great. They can have that many games because, besides for the pitchers, each game is not as taxing on the players body. Having a game almost every game keeps the fans in the spirit of the season everyday for 6-7 months.

3. The NHL...maybe...compared to baseball 82 isnt that much, but hockey is also another bruttle sport (from what I understand its not as bruttle as it used to be). I have to admit though, I do it agitated when there's like 3 days with out a game, but thats only because i'm used to baseball more that I am to hockey.

4. The NBA...I dont watch or pay any attention to basketball (although my friends are killing me because of this since the Celtics are doing so well, but I refuse to be a fair-weather-fan) so I wouldnt really know anything about the season or the games, or whether or not there should be so many games.

If they cut in half the number of regular season games I dont think that I would be able to keep my attention focused on it too long. Sure it would put me in greater anticipation of each game, but I like to be able to watch a game like everyday, or every other day.


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I love all Major Four Sports, so I have to say No there regular seasons aren't to long. So people will most likely say the baseball season is to long because it's 162 games, but I have to disagree with them. I think it's great that we can watch 162 ball games of our favorite team a year, not including playoffs.


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The NFL has it about right. The other three major sports are way too long. I agree with BK, there's just no intensity in the regular season games and the players are just going through the motions.


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Baseball just floods all my local sports channels starting from a couple weeks ago, and it'll last all they way through the summer. It sucks when you're not an avid baseball fan.


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Don't get me wrong I enjoy baseball but when you have so many games it really takes away from the excitment. If it were reduced some to make it where during the summer it didn't seem like they were out there just going through the motions waiting for the last month to crank it up to try to get in the playoffs or secure their division, I would watch more.


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Hockey season is to long// there are alot of "NOTHING GAMES" in hockey. proof; the flyers can go on a 10 game loosing streak, and still make be in the 2nd round of the playoffs. The number should be cut down to atleast 70. tbh starting next year i'm not gonna pay attention to hockey AS MUCH until december because the 1st half is a waste of time. Last year the Canadiens were the 2nd best team by the 1st half and ended the season in 10th place.