Are men more inclined to start wars?


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It seems to me that most wars in the history of the world have been started by men, with a few exceptions (but no recent exceptions that I can think of).

And no, this thread is not a blatant attempt to be sexist. If you can prove me wrong then by all means go for it. Based on my understanding of history, and research of past wars, I'd say 90% (or more) of wars were started by men.

Do you think men are inherently more likely to go to war as part of their nature?


Do you think it has to do with the fact that woman were rarely allowed positions of power in most of history? Since they never had the power to start a war, they didn't?

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Are men more inclined to STAR WARS?

Seriously, though, I think it's more likely that women have not been in a position of power to do so. Sadly, given the way our political system is set up, people have to really want power to do the work (and back-stabbing) it takes to attain power --> This means that most level-headed, moderate people that would be good in power, will likely never see it.

I know just as many women that are horribly aggressive and psychotic towards others, as men.
Here, it took me forever, but I found an article referring to an incident that I read about in a book I bought a while back:

Nebraska conisders war against Iowa
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I would say it's because women have never had the chance to start a war. But if just as many women would have been in power as men, I would say that men would still have started more wars than women just because we're run on testosterone, the same shit that made our ancestors kill off our competition.


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I was just wondering that same thing ysabel lol

But you're right Hybrix, most men have started the wars although if you look back in Roman History you have a few woman that have instigated quite a few.


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Darn, I thought this thread was about Star Wars too. lol

I think it's because women have rarely had the position and opportunity to do so.


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I believe it is that women have not gotten into positions t start wars as much as men have. But, the real question should be, if adolf hitler where a women, would he have started world war 2? or what if Kaiser wilhelm where a women? Or americas founding fathers? What would hillary's position on war b if by some miracle she won the election?


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I think it's both. I think women are somewhat less likely to start wars (because men are more aggressive due to both genetics and the fact that societies teach males to be more aggressive). And I also think it's because women are less likely to be in positions of power (which ties back to the original point, about men being more aggressive, and taking the positions of power).


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Like others have already said, men have had all of the power throughout history, for the most part. But also, men are usually more aggressive and more violent than women.