Are intro themes legit music pieces?


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An old favorite instrumental, perfect for walking and thinking, popped into my head today and took me a minute to identify. Turned out it was this:

YouTube - WWE/WWF gangrel theme

That got me to thinking: you probably won't ever hear a Jim Johnston song on the radio, but we all know and appreciate much of his work. Do you think his stuff compares musically to what's being put out for the masses? I'm going to go with a big "Hell, yeah!" Andrew Martin's "This Is a Test" rides one of the sickest beats I've ever heard, and that's just to name one mostly forgotten oldie. What are the themes you'd want in your mp3 player?


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I've already got the Rocks theme on my MP3 player haha, and Austins theme song just makes you feel bad ass even for that 1 moment hahahaha....

I appreciate the work they put into their music, because the intros really give that wrestler their own personality in a way.

Music from the WWE definitely trumps todays music, in terms of composotion in my opinion.


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there have been some awesome themes in the WWF and i have all my favourites in my itunes! But thinking of a wrestling theme as "legit music" the first song that popped into my head was Jushin 'Thunder' Liger's theme tune. It's one of the few original wrestling entrance themes i know of that is actually a proper song with full verses, chorus, bridge, solo etc. that isn't just two minutes of music looped, and it's pretty damn awesome!!! a 6+ minute long entrance theme? now that's epic!! One of my favourite entrance themes of all time:

YouTube - Ikari no Jushin!!!

If you haven't heard it before, definitely give it a listen! there's never been an entrance theme anywhere near as epic as this :D plus it's an awesome video of his wrestling talent!
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