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Are Ghost and Vampires real?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I believe in spirits, but not
ghosts. I also know there's people out there that drink blood for pleasure, but not for their bodily needs.


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I believe there's more out there than most people are aware of, but as far as vampires (the ones portrayed in movies, not the freaks looking for attention) no.


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Spirits are very real and some just refer to them as ghosts, perhaps for the tenuous impact the word gives.
Human being vampires is an improbability. Vampires use their dog teeth, which lengthen to create fangs, but in literature their fangs have orifices which will take the blood from the victim and bring it up through tubes and send it down into the esophagus... which human beings do not possess.
As ScubaSteve said, there are humans who drink blood for pleasure or as an interesting life choice, but their life and death is not dependent on it, whereas Vampires drink it to sustain themselves.


The White Wolf
Yus, I believe in ghosts, spirits, w/e you wanna call 'em, and..I wish vamps were real, lol, seriously, superhuman strength and speed, kekeke, win.


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I do believe in Ghost or spirit of the dead or what ever it is you call them. But I don't believe in vampires, even though vampires is my favorites horror character.

In my believe Ghost or demon are not come from Hell just like everyone on earth believe. Ghost and demon actually living side by side with us human, it just that we cannot see them. it just like they live in a different dimension but still on the same earth.


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I believe that ghosts, are not the spirits of the dead, I believe that their spirits go to one of two places, either hell, or heaven. I do believe that demonic beings will sometimes make themselves look like the dead and departed. As for Vampires, no, blood drinkers, as I like to call them, yes.