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Are Food Trucks Safe to Eat From?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We have a few in front of my building at work , Monday to Friday and they are always busy.

They are definitely safe, since like someone mentioned, they need to pass the health codes, or they will lose their license.

I have not bought food from one of them in years, but I have never had any issues when I have.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I hope your husband is okay. It's tough when a spouse is in the hospital.

I'm happy to eat just about anywhere and have bought food off carts in NYC and food trucks in Orlando. I figure if eating day old pizza that had been left out didn't kill me in college then nothing will.
Thanks, he found out he has lymphoma back in the spring which kept him in the hospital for a month and this month it was septic shock and rapid heart beat but he seems to be doing better now. Hope it stays that way.