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Are Family Courts In America Biased?


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The social contract among families in America are at a breaking point according to social activists. Due to feminism and family courts that are anti-father, many American children are growing up not knowing very much about their father's family. If this trend is not arrested, then America will have a generation of people who will not know their grandparents, uncles, aunts, first-cousins and half-brothers or half-sisters. Fragmented family connections, consisting of people who live in the same city or region, can lead to incest and other social ills. In his editorial "Fathers Must Keep Relations With Children Despite Unfair Laws", Baruti M. Kamau of Cincy Forums News Wire put the burden of the blame on disgruntled mothers turned feminist. Mr. Kamau argues that a failed relationship or marriage can mean the separation of the biological father from his children in Western society and that should not be. Kamau says factors that cause the separation of the father from his children are a violation of the fathers and his childrens' human rights. To read Kamau's editorial you can google Cincy Forums News Wire.


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Not always but in most cases.

My sons mom still has not been able to get a judge to grant her custody and he is six years old now. For the most part though the courts are biased unless the mother can be proven completely unfit and a danger to the child.


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Also, I would like to comment on the part about fragmented families leading to possible incest. In most cases people would still know who their direct family members are, I would think. I could see how it could lead to this over time but I believe by then they would be far enough removed from direct relation that they may be in the safe zone. While I know incest is looked down upon in society I did research on it before and if I remember correctly by the time you get to second cousines I think you are in the safe zone when it comes to deformations. It was a while ago though so I may be a little off.

Anyway, my point there is I would be more concerned about the damage it can do to children and their family relations, I don't see incest as becoming a major issue. Also, how it is unfair that the majority of times the courts favor the mother. That, and the damage done when courts get involved in divorce and things of such nature. Honestly, I would like to think people should be able to solve such things without needing the court system, but that is not often the case.

Also, from my understanding true feminist are supposed to be about equal rights. In my opinion women seeking unfair standards that place them over the man involved in the situation are not feminist, they are sexist.
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I don't believe that this is largely the case. I think it happens more often than it should, yes, but I wouldn't say it happens a majority of the time. Most courts have the child's best interest as the top priority.


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Hey, guys, thanks for feedback on the topic. Keep in mind that the situation among African Americans is much more critical than White Americans. I find it hypocritical that the African American elite find so many reasons to criticize black fathers without taking into consideration that our women and the government is playing a key role in contributing to the failure of the traditional family unit in our communities.


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From my experience the father of my son is a complete jerk. He wanted nothing to do with his son and now he does but he has manic depression and maybe bipolar disorder. Most of his issues came from his family and even though I open the door for them, they refuse it because they feel my mom is controlling my strings. My mom is not controlling my strings and the father of my son is at fault on a lot of the issues going on. He also spent money on a dating site simply because he could not get over the fact our relationship was struggling. He wanted me to choose at one point between our son or him. He also stated that he did not want to whip a penis but a vagina while he was changing my son in front his mother, his aunt, my mother, myself and my father. Yeah, he has issues and his family is not willing to see that he has more issues then they think. They think he was just "scared" but that is bull shit because no man would act like he was acting.

If I went to court of course I would get legal custody and my mom and dad would also get custody. I would actually petition the court to do that this way I have a good backing in my case. They are the ones supporting my son. Yes, I do support him but I also need help too. The father of my son is not financially supportive and barely emotionally supportive. He is a lot better now but he has not bought a car seat for his car nor a crib for his apartment. His family is not better. They expect me to call them and expect me to do all the work for them to see my son. I find that kind of heartless and just trying to get me to do all the work. It is annoying... They know I do not drive and even if I did, why should I be the one traveling all the time. They can come visit him and pick him up. The father of my son does not even live that far.

Yes, the courts are biased but not always. Usually in a lot of cases the father is really not a good father. That is because some fathers are not maternally ready to be one. It does not come naturally to them. However, there has been cases were the father gains full custody. It does happen. The reason the mother is more likely to gain more custody is do to the fact the mother is more binding to their child. It is the fact carried the child for 9 months and also some cases because of breast feeding and money situation. I did some research on it and completely understand both sides of the argument. From my experience the father probably will get visitation but with supervision.


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In terms of custody, all things being equal, I can imagine the courts still favoring mothers in giving custody. However, it doesn't have to equal to alienation of the other parent and unless there is proof that the dad is poses a risk to the children, he should still be able to keep his parental authority over them. When children lose track of their family history, I'm inclined to blame the parents (especially if the separation is not handled properly) than the courts.