Are Christians annoying?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by raddmadd, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. raddmadd

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    Do you guys/girls think that Christians who go around teaching are annoying? I mean, really, all of us? Some i could definitely see why are annoying, trying to shove their/our beliefs in your face. But, do you see all of us as just a bother? If i wasn't Christian, i could picture some being extremely annoying, but for others, i'd see it as a postive thing, i'd respect what they were doing.

    Also, we teach because of what Mark 16:15 says, its basically our purpose here, we could be in perfectness but we must teach about salvation to save others, so they can experience perfection with us. All who have faith in Jesus as Savior recieve salvation, in recieving salvation we recieve perfectness.

    Another question. When you see an annoying Christian, does that give you a bad view on all of us? Don't let it, not all teach wrong, and maybe that "annoying" Christian is just doing what their supposed to do ;)


    good site on how us Christians should or can teach:
    (Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort)

  2. scitsofreaky

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    Annoying, all of "you"? I can't really make that broad of a generalization, but yes, lots of christians are annoying. I don't know if it is just the person or being christian, but I want to slap some of them. The most annoying thing is the unwillingness to learn, and the subsequent willful ignorance so many project. And also the hypocracy, that's annoying too, including but not limited to smugness.

    I don't know of a non-annoying way of proselytizing. So I guess it is how christians are supposed to be.

    Hehe, I can't help but laugh whenever I see anyone refer to Dopey and Opey, um, I mean Kirk and Ray. Have you seen argumentum ad bananum? (It's about 3 minutes in) Hilarious.

    Edit- Oh, and also the tactic they use in the video I link to is terrible. I'm sure Ray has told a lie, which makes him a liar. Would you believe an admitted liar?
  3. SenatorB

    SenatorB J.S.P.S

    Yes, when Christians, or any other religion for that matter although it's usually Christians, attempt to convert me, it is very annoying. It's especially annoying when I'm home where we have a mezuzah on our door which means we're clearly at least moderately Jewish, and they ignore it and knock on the door anyways. I don't mind Christians who merely want to teach about their religion, in fact I'm actually often fairly curious and want to learn (although I tend to ask hard questions that they can't answer and on occasion makes them lose their religion... whoops!) about it. It's the ones who rather than merely giving information actively try to get me to change my religion or my beliefs to their own that really just irritate me to no end. I think it's incredibly disrespectful of them, because in trying to convert someone, they are implying that that person's beliefs are wrong or worse than their own. Some denominations only visit people who have shown interest, and I think that's alright, but when they just go door to door it is incredibly aggravating.

    When I see an annoying Christian, it doesn't give me a bad view of all Christians, but it does give me a bad view of that particular one and temporary irritation at the religion in general for causing that one to be so annoying.

    As for Mark 15:16, "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature", this was an instruction to the apostles, and unless there's an instruction that I'm unaware of that everyone should try their best to emulate the apostles, I do not see where it says that you or I or the average person, or really anyone except the apostles who recieved that specific instruction, should do that.

    And that video is terrible. The video on evolution for example is just pure and utter garbage... it uses the absolute worst marketing tactics in such an amazingly concentrated form, it's practically sickening.

    Also, 1 Cor. 9: 14, Matt. 5: 19 both show that one who does not follow the commandments and gospel should not preach, and everyone breaks the commandments/gospel at some point (practically the point of Jesus is to account for that fact), so perhaps nobody should preach... just a thought.
  4. raddmadd

    raddmadd Registered Member

    hypocracy yes, thats unfortunate, because a true representative of Christ isn't a hippocrate.
    there can be a way to teach that isn't annoying.

    yes, he is a liar, and so is everyone. Paul said "I had not known sin but by the Law (Ten Commandments)" the method is to show us how much we sin, when we know how much we sin, we know how much in trouble we are on Judgement Day. so we need Jesus Christ to save us from our punishment, He saves us because He took our punishment on the cross, we must have faith and accept Him and confess Him to recieve His sacrifice, His salvation for us.

    Thank you for that, it is helping me to know how to teach better, instead of giving or implying that someone's religion is false, i can try more to present information, and pray that they recieve it. I have some Jewish friends at school, i don't want to offend them, and they don't want to offend me, so far i don't think i have told them anything that offended them, i have presented facts, and if i said something against Judaism, we're friends so they don't mind.
    Christianity doesn't cause anyone to be annoying, its either the person who is being taught, or the person who is teaching wrong.
    Theres alot of scripture on this that talks about how God uses us to teach His word, since He's not in this world. because, we're saved, so why wouldn't we be in perfection? because we must teach. then we'll be blessed for teaching. 2 Corinthians 6:1 "We then, as workers together with him" Jesus, when teaching, is teaching all of us, He is talking to all of us, theres plenty of scripture on how we should teach, i'd have to google it, if you want me to i will

    well in the video (at least what i caught) it showed how people don't know anything about what they "believe" they just decide one day "hmmm i think i believe evolution" i mean, one girl on that video said she believed Adam and Eve and evolution lol. its like, they make really important eternal decisions, not even knowing facts about what they "believe."
    maybe no one can follow them to their fullest, but we can definitely try.
  5. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    I dislike any teaching Christian who has ever asked me a direct question that challenges my judgement regarding god and faith. I've spent a long time trying to distance myself from Christianity, and I've grown tired of people telling me I've missed something.

    Teaching, sure. Recruiting/spreading the Gospel to my doorstep/personal space? No.

    Senator's comment about the Ten Commandments is quite interesting. Perhaps the only preachers can be the purest of Anabaptists sects? If anything, I have a grivence with any preachers/impromptu ones who are worse people than myself. Preaching the benefits of Christianity doesn't really work well when the visual evidence suggests that turning aggressively secular seems to have panned out better for myself.

    This turned into a half-rant. It's impersonal though, I just have issues with how Christianity has been used at and up to the modern day around the world and in my own family.
  6. SenatorB

    SenatorB J.S.P.S

    But they wouldn't be teaching/preaching at all if it weren't for the Christianity, so while it may not be the nature of Christianity to cause people to be annoying, it is certainly a side effect for some people.

    I'd be interested if you would... I spent a little time searching, which is where I got those sections I cited, but not overly much so.

    The way I saw it, they were showing college age students who probably didn't have any serious formal education in the subject, and showing how they were unable to accurately explain the process of evolution, and used words like "perhaps" and such to make up for the fact that they didn't know for certain. Which therefore means creationism must be right? Not so sure about that one.
  7. scitsofreaky

    scitsofreaky Registered Member

    Yeah, ok.:rolleyes:;)

    Could be, but I haven't come across one. But I can't think of any non-annoying way of telling someone they will go to hell, or, in other, nicer words, wont get into heaven unless you take purely on faith that a God-man became a blood sacrifice to a pure God.

    Like I said, why should I believe a professed liar?

    I agree to an extent, but SenatorB is correct too.

    Anyone else have their irony detector explode?
    Watch your tone. Let's not turn this ugly-Kaz.Are you an expert in evolution and theology? No offense meant, but from our discussions I think I can safely say you aren't a theologian, and I'm guessing you don't know anything about evolution beyond the crap they tell you in school and what you might have read on apologetics sites. So aren't you making a "really important eternal decision, not even knowing the facts about what they 'believe'"?
    BTW, it seems to be more common for people, especially teenagers and young adults, to believe in both Adam and Eve and evolution. Do you know anything about this form of guided evolution (I guess one could call it)? If not, aren't you dismissing something without knowing the facts?

    Well, you can try all day, but those verses say that you can't preach until you succeed.
  8. Redem

    Redem Guest

    Well as you know christian girls have a crush on me, so I can't say I found them that annoying.

    --Please take note that this section is for discussions of a serious nature. None of us care about your delusions regarding girls of a particular religion having an increased interest in you.--

  9. raddmadd

    raddmadd Registered Member

    so, question, when i teach on these forums, is it annoying?

    Heres a link:

    thats not really a good source lol. but in the scriptures it talks about how God uses us to teach His word, to spread the Gospel since He's not in this world we must teach it, we are responsible to teach it because we have knowledge of eternal salvation.

    hes proving what he says is right by using the scriptures, or else "why should i believe in a professed liar?" would be correct ;)

    lol knew something like this was going to be said, but i didn't just "decide" to believe in God, i was brought into it. and no, a pastor didn't hold my hand and walk me into church, i don't know too many people who are born again. God found me, im not easily persuaded into things, no one that i know tried to get me to become Christian, so i wouldn't be easily persuaded.

    haha do i teach wrong or something? i need to know that. but anyways, the last time i checked evolution wasn't an eternal decision. according to evolution, we have no eternal life, or ermm something like that

    doesn't make sense to say that Adam and Eve exist along with evolution, it doesn't align with the scriptures. you can't just add things to the bible.

    then i guess we should just preach that we are supposed to try our best, rather then teaching that we should be perfect.
  10. Hoosier_Daddy

    Hoosier_Daddy Registered Member

    That would depend on how and why you're teaching. If it's uninvited pulpit pounding, then yes, it's very annoying. If the context of a thread calls for it, then it's alright.


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