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Are car alarms worth the money?


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I don't think it's worth the money because if they are good enough, they can get in and get out with whatever they want within seconds.


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I think that, overall, they offer a little bit of protection. Like others have said, having an alarm makes it less likely that someone will take your car, because there are others without alarms.

However, no one pays attention to them anymore. Even the car owners. The only reason I know if mine specifically is going off is because it honks at me, and I can kind of recognize the honk. So I will go check. But when I'm not nearby, it just stops on its own.

But I think it would make more sense to add features to the alarm, such as:

You get a phone call from a center if your car alarm goes off, just like a house alarm. That way, if you aren't at your car, you will know it's being broken into. Then the person at the center can notify the police that your car has been stolen and tell them its last location.

That would cost a bunch, though, huh?! Haha.


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When I hear the neighbors car alarm go off I can tell if he's home. If it quits after 3 minutes, then starts again and shuts down in 2 minutes he's not home.

They have become near worthless, unless the owner is near or is called automatically.


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Satellite alarms are really good. Many countries in Europe have companies involved in that services and they find the cars always, even if they are in boat sailing to Africa.


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Car alarms aren't worth it unless you live in a GOOD neighborhood. In a BAD neighborhood, the neighbors are likely to ignore it, any bystanders won't care, and by the time you get your pants on the car is gone.

If you REALLY want to protect your car. Place several GPS beacons in hidden locations on your car such as:
-Inside of your AC vents
-Inside pockets of your car's body
-In one of your tires
-Under your hood (where it can't be seen)
-In a rear passenger seat
-Anywhere you can think of

No, you DON'T have to pay monthly fees for tracking. Just keep all important info handy and, should your car be stolen you can give this stuff to the police and they'll do it for you. Free beacons can't be tracked at your personal convenience, but when it really matters, having them is much better than having an alarm.

If you DO want to pay there are more expensive beacons that continually broadcast and may require maintenance from time to time. The advantage of this system is that, if someone else is borrowing your car you can find out where they're going. Basically, you can find out where your car is ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, for ANY REASON.

By the way, all beacons will require some form of maintenance. If you're going to take this step, do it right, do your homework, and having someone experience in security help you out. Don't assume that the broadcaster you put in your car 6 months ago will still be working just fine. Also, DO NOT CONNECT A GPS BROADCASTER TO YOUR CAR BATTERY!!! ALL TRACKING DEVICES MUST HAVE AN INDEPENDENT ENERGY SOURCE!!!

I have trackers that run for a month without a charge. The ones in my tire spin with the tire and rotate a magnet that generates electricity. The ones in the outer body run on solar power charges. And when it's cold they have stored energy from their charges. I have to replace the battery cell every year, but it's worth it.


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I have an alarm on my car and I'm very glad I do. I live in a semi-bad area where something is always going on and the last thing I need is for my car to be stolen. My neighbour spotted someone checking out my car one night after I'd gone to bed. He said the guy took off so I'm assuming the jerk saw the little flashing alarm light and figured my car wasn't worth the hassle.
I think the keytags should make a little beep noise if the alarm has been set off. If I'm shopping or whatever, I'm not going to know if my alarm is going off and so many people ignore alarms. I do it myself, some are so sensitive.


Car alarms don't prevent a car from being stolen. A thief only has to write down the car's VIN number and wait for the key to be delivered. And they just drive off without even breaking in.


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I'm not sure how my hubby organised it but the boot, bonnet and petrol inlet are rigged up to the alarm also. And it changes frequency (?) so the signal can't be recorded and used. It's too technical for me to understand. I'd never even heard of recording alarm signals before *shrug*


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I think club is just as good, hardly anyone bats an eye when an alarm goes off and many of them are easy to disable.


Son of Liberty
Satellite alarms are really good. Many countries in Europe have companies involved in that services and they find the cars always, even if they are in boat sailing to Africa.

I dont think those really count as Car Alarms though. They are Low Jack trackers. We have 'em here and in fact my particular insurance company will give a discount if you have one installed. They dont do a discount for Alarms though... goes to show how useless an alarm system has seriously become.

But the lowjack thing is a proven method I guess, On my particular model they said there are over 120 differnet places they can put it and only the mechanic knows which one it is that is used. Then on top of that a greater portion of Lowjack installed vehicles have a higher return rate than those of ones that do not. SO if you're car is stolen and you've got one installed... chances are in your favor that you'll have that baby returned.