Are basketball players getting paid to much?


Sultan of Swat
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With all the recent signings I was just wondering if you guys thought the NBA players were getting paid to much? Personally I don't really think so, just because the team as a certain money to spend, and if they decide to give a certain amount to a player, then that's their decision. YEs ticket prices might be high, but the fans pay for them so they have to reason to complain.


i actually think they are getting paid to much. they play a sport that they love and they get to travel around a continent for free. yet they get paid over a million. it is just like some one giving you a candy if they give you 10$.


Aw, Here It Goes!
I too. Think that NBA players are being paid too much money it doesn't really make sense to me I mean you doing something that most people do for fun. I mean their getting paid more than some doctors. How does this make sense.

NBA Player = High School Education(Maybe College 1-4Years)

Doctor = High School Education, College Education(9-years or more)

But what thats just what I think, it doesn't really matter to me though I enjoy watching the NBA players perform and play.