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Archbishop didn't realize being a pedophile was illegal


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think the Vatican has their own police, because its a country- state- kingdom of its own.
Yes they do but I hope they don't have jurisdiction in the US. I don't see the Catholic church as a mini country within the US and it shouldn't be.


Son of Liberty
Very similar if a rapist claimed they did not know rape was illegal. Go to court and claim ignorance of the law, then expect the law to not judge you. Then this archbishop will expect the Vatican to forgive him, which they are obligated to do, forgive. So law is being abused, and religion is being abused, and a child is being abused. An archbishop is doing all this abuse; they should take away his rank, make him pay any court cost and restitution to the child and family;

...then have him neutered.
Rape is a specific intent crime, which means whether someone knows it's illegal or not is irrelevant, all that is relevant is proving the accused had the specific intent to force the other person into a sexual act against their will. Once the prosecution proves that whether they knew it was illegal or not is immaterial, like just about every other crime.


Registered Member
I am truly sad reading such a tide. But hey, you can't do anything. Unfortunately, those type of guys exist in every organization and in each type of society, even if in our case the perpetrator is a Catholic (I assume?) archbishop.

The case is mind boggling nontheless and his comments surely make him look like a stupid person as another member here wrote earlier. I get what is trying to do is to formulate his defence, which defence he will support when he will be in front of the judge in the court.