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Arcades a thing of the past?


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i just remembered, arcade places stink, literally.

and i hate the stupid claw machine. i'm skillful enough to position the claw correctly, but the claw has as much strength as a zombie fetus and drops the prize. my bro is pretty successful at that stupid game though.

and as far as those ticket games go, i rule at whack-a-mole. they have whack-a-mole at Great America, and there to win a prize you have to play against other people. the person with 300 first wins. and i just murder the competition with my fast reflexes.

and another ticket game i'm good at is the one featured at Chuck E Cheeses. the one where it's like a table, and there's 2 bar things pushing coins off the edge and you have to drop a coin in so that the bar pushes your coin into the bunch to make them all fall. i'm good at that game too.


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The only arcade place nearby me is at a mall, which is still too far away to go there for any gaming. Though there are a few places around with acraded games in them, though the only ones I ever use are Godfather's Pizza and a skating rink, though I still only rarely use those. However, they're starting to have less games, so soon I'd expect them to be removed entirely.


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Wrecked said:
there's a place not too far from my house called Dave & Busters. it's a resturant/billards/bar/arcade joint. that's the only arcade place that i know of that's around besides the college arcade joints. and it's one of the best i've been to, especially since they still have shooters [ after collumbine, they took out the shooting games at almost all arcade joints ].
When my dad was working for the sharks, he mentioned that place. I meant to check it out but never got around to going because of school and stuff (I believe I was applying to film school at the time). We should meet up there sometime. I'd like to check it out.

How close is it to your house... like "down the street" close or "just a small drive" close?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Your dad worked for the Sharks? What did he do for them? One of my friends is a ticket rep for the Bulls, selling season tickets and group packages and stuff. Seems like a pretty cool job. They give him all kinds of stuff, like two suite tickets to every home game.


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it's like a 20-min or so drive away.

i knew a guy in college and his dad was the coach for the 49ers. he was saying that he could give away free tickets. but shortly after his grandpa got really sick/died. it was in the news about 2 years ago.


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Buckeye101 said:
Your dad worked for the Sharks? What did he do for them?
Oh nothin' he was just a.......
scrimmage defensemen... no big deal ;)

No I'm just kidding. He was an usher. In charge of the seating and stuff.

He offered me an interview there for a production job, but I told him I had plans on moving from the Bay Area in the future, so I wasn't going to want to live or work around here.


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Gnopostopi said:
Yeah it seems the Dave & Busters is poping up all over the place,
I thought that Dave & Busters sounded familar. There is one near Detroit (about an hour or so from my parent's house). We were going to meet an old college friend there that we hadn't seen in years, but it fell through. I had no idea that it was like an arcade. Our friend made it sound like it was a bar/restaurant. He should have mentioned the arcade games...cause I would have been there!