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Games Arcade Games


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I’ve been playing a few arcade classics at home recently. I own a few TV plug and play arcade games (Pac-Man collection and Frogger)

Pac-Man and Frogger are definitely some personal favorites of mine but I also really like Donkey Kong (available as an extra feature in Donkey Kong 64).

One game I do not have access to that I really like is Ms. Pac-Man. That’s something I’d like to maybe pick up an arcade stick to play.

Also a big fan of Tetris but the only way I currently have to play is via web browser

Even though those sticks run crappy composite video, I can make them look pretty good by running them through a framemeister before getting to my 4K TV.

One game I never really got to play but always wanted to is Gallaga, so many people just flat out love the game. I played it once at a Pizza joint in a town 3 hours from home.

Like most people, I’ve played arcades like Mario Bros, Burger Time, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Street Fighter, etc. they’re fun but I don’t absolutely love the games.

There are some more modern games as well such as Bug Buck Hunter and Cruisin USA that I’ve played but they aren’t the same for

What are some of your favorite arcade games?


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Space Wars (where you can pick gravity type, missile speed, etc)
Spy Hunter
Battle Zone


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I got some experience with Sonic Spinball and Dig-Dug recently.

Anyone else play any arcade games? (And no, I don't mean the crappy flash game ports we got in the GF Arcade back in the day ;) )


Son of Liberty
I used to play a lot of Gallaga, Asteroids, and Space Invaders. I grew in a time where we went to arcades to play.