rainbow 11!
That place is full of complete idiots...

So my schedule for this week was supposed to be

Monday- 4-9
Tuesday 7-close
Wednesday 7-close
Thursday off
Friday off
Saturday 4-9
Sunday 4-9

On monday my parents were out of town, so they arranged for someone to take me to work. Well, they arrived at 3, so I got to work thirty minutes early. I didn't mind. So I wait around for 30 minutes and then go inside. I was going to clock in, but the manager said, "Honey, I don't think you start at 4" She then whipped the schedule out and showed that I started at 5.........

Wtf? They didn't even call me. Then I look at the schedule for the rest of the week.

I'm not working on Tuesday or Wednesday... On Saturday and Sunday I'm working 5-9.

What the fucking hell? No call?

So I stay home on Tuesday and Wednesday. Which was a good thing because on those days my bite was at it's worst and I could barely walk.

Well, on Thursday I was going out of town to Tampa. I get a call then from some general manager asking why I haven't been at work. The hell? So I tell her I wasn't schedule, but she thinks I was scheduled. So then I explain to her about what happened on Monday and she was really sweet about it. I was ready to just let the bull go and forget about the mix up when today rolled around.

Since originally I was supposed to work from 4-9 today, I decided to go in at 4 and just sit around if I'm actually working at 5. Well, I get there, and the manager from monday says, "I didn't know we had Kayleigh today... o_O"


Apparently the manager that will be working with me at the new Arby's that hasn't opened yet took me off for both days. I went in for nothing!

It takes about 30 minutes on a good day to drive there. Today it took an abour 50 because of the bad weather. We wasted all of that freaking gas for nothing. I'm pissed.



Guardian of the Light
it sounds like your manager is a real genius.

if it happens again something needs to be done.


Epic Gamer
You know what Hime?? You should find who's responsible, tie them down, and break them. Start with a finger or two, then, oh I don't know, take a hammer to their wrist bones, then up to the elbows, then pull their arms till their shoulders dislocate then do the same on the other arm then break the collarbone then go for the floating ribs just to the side of the stomache then work over the toes and up the shins to the knee cap which if you pull hard enough will pop right out then beat their face in till you can see their brains.

Rant over :) Violent? Me?! I think not...*cough*


For a Free Scotland
This definitely ties into the larger theme of Arby's generally being a terrible, terrible entity in all regards.