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Who watches this show? These are the guys who got in trouble last year when a guerrilla marketing scheme went wrong in New York City. They put a bunch of electronic devices with a LED version of one of their characters around the city and people reported them as bomb threats.

But yeah, here's what I'm talking about. blog.jpg

[adult swim] | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I've only seen a few episodes but I thought I'd get a thread going for you to talk about it if you've seen it.


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Dude such a messed up show in so many ways but so hilarious. I like how they only use about 10 backgrounds (or less) for the entire series. Yeah I saw their viral marketing campaign in the news, and the ensuing paranoia.

There are many great episodes, but one of my favorites is in season 3 or 4 (I believe) where Shake gets that orange helmet that has tons of retarded add-ons like the piano and the battery pack. The one where he gets plastic surgery done at a car workshop is awesome too.

The movie, anyone?