Apple Juice or Apple Cider

Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer? Apple juice or cider?

I'm not even 100% sure what the main difference is but I assume cider is just more fermented. Anyway I prefer cider.


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Cider all the way, whether it's hard or soft, cider is just fucking awesome.

Best thing to do with apple cider? Make apple cider donuts.



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Mmm apple cider definitely.
I really don't like apple juice, but I love apples and apple crisp and apple pie and stuff.


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apple cider donuts are an amazing home treat I'm guessing from the stance that brix needs further explanation. But besides that I'm a cider guy, I mean I like Simply Apple for a nice breakfast beverage, but I just can't refuse cider.


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Apple Cider all the way. It is so much more natural tasting, and it tastes like apples. Its also healthier, contains all that god stuff for you, makes ya poop.


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I'm only picking Apple Cider for one reason and one reason only....

I can only drink Apple Cider without reprecussions.

Simply put if I drink Apple Juice, I'm on the toilet within 5 minutes and its already on its way through me :hah: Why my body reacts like that to Apple Juice and not Apple Cider I have no clue. But all of my life I've always always always loved Apple Juice but I just cant drink it without having a toilet near me.

I also do the same thing with 100% Grape Juice, in fact its worse with Grape Juice.